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Forum  Camping info and tips        Topic  Camping Suggestions
Posted by: .... at 11:48:09 PM on Tuesday, October 30, 2018
After months of planning My friends & I finally decided to go for a week-long trip to Georgian Bay Island National Park. We have the plan to go with an RV and go for a hike and later on a camp at the park. As my friends are not aware that I not much good doing camping. I do have a bad past in going camping, well whatever the case I can''t escape from this or else my mates will be so much pissed with it. As I agreed to hire the RV and pick them up on the way my, friends told me to buy the RV camping supplies as well, as I am a first timer haven''t done camping for a while I am not aware of the basic supplies that need to need for camping. I did search on the internet for basic supplies but as we are a group of people I don''t know what are requirements for camping. Can you people help me out with RV camping supplies? Please do advice me some?- Reply

Reply by: .... at 10:13:14 PM on Monday, December 31, 2018

If you haven''t went yet, you''ll need:
From the dollar store to start and then,,,
Plates, bowls, cups, cutlery
Food, snacks, chips, pop/soda, water, juice
Nuts, seeds, berries
Chocolates such as Turtles, pastries, slices of cakes
Various Beers, wines, ice, lemons, limes
Condoms, lube, various items,,,
Cheese, crackers, baba ganoush, toum
kababs, biryani
Salad, tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, cucumber, onions, olives, avocado,,,)
Salad dressing (salt, pepper, vinegar, vegetable and a little olive oil)
This is just a start, if you do a search online you''ll find more comprehensive lists for sure.

Enjoy and be safe out there Reply

Reply by: .... at 11:58:45 AM on Friday, April 19, 2019

Great Question, there are a lot of things and places you can explore when going to Georgian Bay Island. You can keep the following camping supplies.

1. Proper Tent, poles, stakes, and sleeping bag for each camper
2. Snacks/Food especially Tin food to enjoy and eat whenever needed
3. Should have towing tools too if needed
4. Extra tarp or canopy
5. Repair kit for pads
6. Hiking boots, and other tools for support
7. Water bottle and energy recovery food

and lots of other things we can add to me the camping experience great. Remember, if you face any emergency or car breakdown then you should know that how to deal with such situation.


Reply by: .... at 12:57:58 AM on Friday, March 6, 2020

Camping in first time is always exciting and challenging. Anyone need proper guide about camping. Hope this camping suggestion will help you as a beginners. Reply

Reply by: .... at 11:02:52 PM on Sunday, December 5, 2021 Reply

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