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Recreationland Campground in Cumberland, Ontario
Account photo "Unjustified charges and pool safety"......   We found the campground very convenient to visit Ottawa and area. Had Personal health problems and on arrival stated not sure how long can stay. Staff said fine, Can pay for 3 and then extend to week etc. Stayed and asked about free day and told not a problem but can't override system, will ask owner. Well, owner did not accept, we ended up staying 9 days, but on day 8 power cut off and had to pay for extra day. Also, campground is clean, but showers and bathrooms need some work. Pool stairs VERY slippery, slipped going in and hurt back badly. Small sign warning slippery steps seen AFTER fall;. Not planning to stay there again.
"Never camp here again"
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FairLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     Amiram (Montreal, Québec) on Sunday, August 26, 2012
Highland Pines Campground and RV Sales in Belwood, Ontario
Account photo "Customer Service Lacking"......   Just read the review above and found a common link. We too were dealing with the "owner" and he still has the same "I don't care what you think" attitude. He may have waiting lists now, but with his attitude, he won't much longer. We ended up setting up on a wrong campsite (mistake made by both us and the campgrounds). We were just about to eat our meal when it was made clear to us that we had to move NOW!!! There was no resolve - no offer to help - no kindness - no customer service whatsoever. The best was when we were tearing down our campsite and a group of employees and "owner" proceeded to watch us from afar. Pathetic - they should definitely remove the family atmosphere from their website. Where I come from - family helps one another!!!
"Dont ever camp there!!! Spread the word"
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo " CARDINAL KOA "......   Love cardinal koa ,great owners and staff ,love quite time , if you are complaining about 11pm quite time and the owner , you probably were too loud!! , the rest of use appriciate the 11pm quite time and respect the owner/rules , maybe the owners Response to you was your attitude to him and his rules , because to 100 or more other campers we see it different than the whiners ,do all the real campers a favour , move on to another campground !!
1000 Islands Kingston KOA in Kingston, Ontario
Account photo "Too Much For So Little..."......   We stayed here for one night on our way to Atlantic Canada, Cost $60.00+ per night, right beside the store. Unfortunately other rude guests kept crossing our lot on the way to the washrooms and store. Come on we paid between $40.00 to $60.00 for several sites only 50' from the Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Fundy. Sorry KOA please stop emailing me!
Sunbury-Oromocto Park in Waterville, New Brunswick
Account photo Park is located in a quiet setting on the shores of French Lake. (that is the good part) The park is run down, with electrical issues and with water quality you would not want to do your dishes in or never-never drink. There is little to entertain your children and the lake was not (IMO) clean enough to go swimming in. We spent one night and that was plenty!
Camping Joie de Vivre in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Québec
Account photo "Turned away"......   After ten hours of road travel, I pulled into Camping Joie De Vivre expecting to speak to someone about a place to stay for the night. We had pulled in at 7 PM and the office hours were posted 8 AM to 6 PM. I called the number to find out if there were any spots for us and was told that I had arrived after their hours "We are closed" and turned away without any second thought. We didn't even find out if they had spots or if they were full. We were told to go away. Luckily there was another campground less than 15 Km away that greeted us warmly and found us a spot without any trouble.
Carsons Camp Limited in Sauble Beach, Ontario
Account photo If all camping grounds were like this one I would be RV'ing more often.
Tobermory Village Campground in Tobermory, Ontario
Account photo "Great, well run, well kept campground. Pride shows. "......   We have only ever stayed in their "premium cabins" - which are amazing. Beautiful cabins... Spotlessly clean, well kept; you have a double bed, bunks and a couch, so lots of room. Bathroom with toilet & shower. Little kitchenette type thing with microwave, small fridge, and sink. Outside you have your firepit, picnic table & a charcoal grill. Everything you need! The staff are extremely pleasant and accomodating. Lots of things to do for the kiddies. They may have "rules" but it keeps out the partiers - which is not something a lot of campers want to deal with! Yes, there is a deposit, but I wouldn't be concerned about your deposit unless you have a reason!! (come on now.) Fire wood is brought right to your campsite by them, and it's not the cheap, crap wood you get at other campgrounds, plus you get a fair amount for your dollar. We've been back 2 years in a row and intend on going back again and again. Their pride in their property truly shows. (I can't review for tent or RV sites, as we haven't ever stayed on them)
Tobermory Village Campground in Tobermory, Ontario
Account photo "Don't stay at this campground."......   Don't stay at this campground. It was expensive and everything was pay, pay, pay showers, etc. even at the petting zoo there was a pay for seeds to throw to the animals. It just seemed like a money grab to us. We will never stay there again.
Milton Heights Campground in Milton, Ontario
Account photo "JP Review is hog wash"......   JP's review of Milton Heights is pure Hog wash, He is taking his anger out on Milton Heights do to unforseen problems that occured at this park which they had no control over the situation. Milton Heights is an extremely clean facility and very well managed.
Sand Hill Park in Port Burwell, Ontario
Account photo "Wow"......   Wow, you are a grumpy person! I have been going to Sandhills for years with my family and friends, we love the park because the people are so friendly. The park is clean, there are social events for the whole family, bathrooms are cleaned out at least 3-4times a day. And who wouldn't want to play on that big sandhill? The sites are clean and very large. In fact we love it so much that we just bought a trailer and are parking it there!
Rondeau Shores Trailer Park in Morpeth, Ontario
Account photo "Rundown Campground"......   We camp about 6 times a summer and love trying new campgrounds. We had high hopes for Rondeau Shores Park, but our expectations were not met and we will not be back. Pros: - Large shaded lots. - Nice to have both a pool and lake for swimming. - Cement pads on each site. Cons: - Very small campground – takes no more than 5 minutes to walk around. - Overpriced. It is $50 a night for a rundown campground with not many amenities. - Sites are very difficult to back a trailer into – around trees, fire pit, and other things sticking out of the ground. - Very outdated electrical system. Only 15 amp. Larger trailers were tripping breakers frequently. - Water & electrical hookup on some sites is far – need extensions. - VERY DIRTY WASHROOMS. Only cleaned twice a week while we were there (and the campground was full). Most of the time there was only toilet paper in one of four stalls. Also, no soap to wash your hands and nothing to dry your hands with. - The camp store is only open a few hours a day (even on weekends) and not very well stocked. - The path down to the beach is treacherous … steep gravel path through the bush … and once you get down there you have to climb over humongous rocks to get down onto the beach.
"Needless to say, we will not be returning, and from what we heard from the seasonal campers while we were there, they won’t be either!!!"
Birchwood Campground and Cabins in Pictou, Nova Scotia
Account photo "AVOID BIRCHWOOD!"......   When booking for our family trip, it was clearly indicated how many people would be attending and that it was our intent to have a 'reunion'. We had adults and children - all polite and law abiding citizens. The owners of this campground had plenty of opportunity (prior to getting their grubby paws on our money) to let us know that no noise (no laughter, no talking, NOTHING) would be tolerated after 11pm. We do understand there are many campgrounds with those rules and if you're looking for such a place - this is it. We were 'threatened' by the campground owner that he would 'charge extra on our credit cards' if we were noisy. The owners were rude, unpleasant, and sarcastic - even upon checking in...what fools we were for continuing the check-in...we should have known then. There was an extremely foul stench - a sewer smell the entire duration of our stay. The sites are small and crammed in - worse then any other campground we've visited...oh well, more money for the owners...they do make it VERY clear that they offer NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE...hmmmm...makes me think we're not the first people that weren't satisfied!
Camping Oceanic in Shediac, New Brunswick
Account photo "Don't expect too much"......   Last time we went to Shediac, about 5 years ago, this campground was under construction. When we decided this year to go back to Shediac, we were excited about staying on a "Brand new" Campground. We reserved in March to make sure we have a spot. On our arrival, disappointment began. Our land wasn't leveled. We had to use boosters to bump up trailer left wheels to level trailer. I would have expected better from a new campground. The position of the sewer was let's say... very creative! The guy that designed the campground don't own a trailer... once again, I thought a camping owner would follow international rules for camp sites design. Once parked, the challenge was to find a way to use a camping chair... The ground was so bumpy. Showers... no curtains, so all the splashing water goes on the floor and flood the entire building. We can see black mold and mildew everywhere on the bottom of the toilet and shower dividers. Maintenance... I used shower daily... and I was able to see the same slammed bugs on the shower walls. Playground... if you go there with babies... don't expect baby swing... some of the swings had a broken wooden seats... with bolts scratching tights. The pool is ok. No complaint here. WiFi... we complained on day 2 of our stay. They said they would fix it... after 3 weeks, signal was still on and off, no way to use it 15 minutes in a row... RIDICULOUS and they couldn't careless. Service... like wiFi... They don't even ask if we enjoyed our stay! If you expect a place to stay, where to enjoy a campfire and travel to Parlee Beach... this place is OK. But if you expect more, you should consider other spots.
Sherwood Forest Camping Park in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Not for us."......   I was pretty disappointed here, while the atmosphere and site setting was ideal(very wooded and I didn't feel like I was even close to town), the sites were small and I actually couldn't distinguish where our site started and began. With three young children I found the pool was the biggest disappointed. The family one (the large one is for adults only) was only open during supervised hours totally 6 hours a day, and I wasn't allowed to bring two of the kids in the deep end (I make them wear floaties/water wings when over their heads) because "they can't swim" which was a HUGE disappointment to the kids. On the plus side bathrooms were clean though basic and in need of some updates, and they along with playgrounds are in handy proximity to sites. They also had a very well stocked canteen which was nice.
"This seems like a campgound better suited to adults, we won't be back."
Stillwater Park in Nipigon, Ontario
Account photo No TV reception!! Not told until we asked and were already set up. Should have been truthful.
Beaverview RV Park and Campground in McBride, British Columbia
Account photo "Mixed blessing"......   This campground is well situated on the way to Jasper (East bound). We were overcharged when requesting an open site w/o hookups as our unit is completely self sustaining. We were told the other sites were fully booked and had to pay the higher rates. We noticed over two evenings the rest of the campground remained 2/3 empty including the sites we were requesting. The river runs behind the campground but the access is gated and alarmed. Otherwise clean and open views.
"mixed blessings, Robson highly recommended."
Wide Open Wilderness Campground in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Not for me! Or anyone that wants to relax."......   This is obviously a child oriented campground. Its pool swarms with them all day long, and it has some lovely playgrounds and apparently they have activities like Christmas in July and Halloween in August. Unfortunately, I was travelling with a teen. We are used to having a quiet campfire, playing the guitar and enjoying the sound of leaves in the trees – this is definitely not that kind of place. I wouldn’t book here unless; you have lots of young kids who are allowed to screech day in and out, you don't require privacy, you don't mind fending for yourself, you are OK with older, rudimentary facilities, you don't expect super quality service and you aren't looking for R&R. We made a few reasonable requests (including having power to our cabin as advertised, and having a quieter spot away from banshee kids and parents screeching from dawn til dusk at the pool / play area) and were treated like the most demanding customers in history from the first transaction til the last. We had to figure out the power issue ourselves, requiring a few visits to the office – my preferred campgrounds from my home province would have had it taken care of right away. There is absolutely no privacy between sites, which are piled on top of one another. The pool is not very large, and full of young kids – even through the adult pool hours… The water quality was really, really bad – we had to purchase water to drink. Thankfully we didn’t have problems getting in or out as some have mentioned about this place. They clearly dropped the prison aspect at some point… The sites are loaded with seasonal campers who set up for the entire summer – I think this is where they make their money and folks that just want a few days – like we did - are considered major annoyances. This would be a fine place for a family with a ton of kids who want to get really, really well acquainted with their neighbors. But, it’s definitely not the kind of camping I’m used to
FairLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     Ranger (Vancouver, British Columbia) on Monday, July 30, 2012
Hi Country RV Park in Whitehorse, Yukon
Account photo The guy at the desk was rude and very unfriendly, though the woman there was the oppisite, Overly friendly. it was loud and the power was at the back so we were not able to plug into it. the fire pits are right next to the person next to your camper/rv so you end up with a ton of smoke. it was loud even after quiet hours and the shut the internet down at 10pm. Their was area is at the very bacvk on a gravel road so after you clean your vehicle it imeadiatly gets dirty before you even leave the property. Being as there are a few other locations that also offer food, I would not stay at this site again if I ever travel through the area again
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo The owner of the campground is very rude and has no business dealing with the public! Walks around the campsite at 11pm to make sure you know it's quite time , we were sitting in a circle we could barely hear ourselves talking we were so quiet. We only come because the kids like the amenities...
Tobermory Village Campground in Tobermory, Ontario
Account photo "Great campground"......   We had a fantastic stay thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff/family of this campground. The entire campground was spotless, the family was always around making sure everything was ok, and the bathrooms were immaculate! The kids had a great time with the splash pad and petting zoo and pool. We will defintely be back here, hopefully this year:)
"we loved it!!"
South Mountain Park Campground and RV Resort in Kentville, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Loving it here!"......   This is our first year camping. We became seasonal campers and absolutely love it here! The staff are great and the activities keep our daughter entertained. There are lots of children here at any given moment. The other campers here are very sweet. So much so they will water your plants without asking!!! Don't want the summer to end!
Very good - ExcellentLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     The LaRoche's (Halifax, Nova Scotia) on Thursday, July 26, 2012
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo "Response to ......Fed up with the whining"......   This is my ONLY negative review in 10+ years of camping, and again, if you see how I rated the campground, you'd notice it was very positive except for the owner's behaviour. So before you go shooting you gate off prior to reading and making comments and I'll quote you..."Take my advice - stay in your own trashy back yard and whine to whoever will listen to you there". I would suggest to you, that you take your own advice, and keep your comments to your, what seems to be short tempered self, who seems to think what I care what your say. And as for my "Trashy Back yard", after I park my 2013 32ft trailer in it, well there's still quite a bit of room left for numerous other toys. Let's not get into a financial debate either you'll just come out in the short end there just as you have here in your meaningless comments.
"As stated before, great campsite between the hours of 8 am and 9-10 pm. But it all goes down hill after that!"
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo "Agreed"......   Overnight camper's just bitch and complain, they want something for nothing. I worked at a campground for a summer a few years ago and the nerve of some of these people is outragous. Don't they understand we're just doing our job, that they are NOT the only people staying there, that their trip is what they make of it. How dare you get pissy when we are just trying to enforce rules for EVERYBODY'S safety, why do you think you should be above them? Why do you feel you should get special treatment? If you don't like the park rules or the people there STAY AT HOME.
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo "Fed up with the whining"......   What a bunch of whiners and complainers you campers are. Campground owners could write a book about how campers constantly lie and cheat, are disrespectful and abusive, break as many rules as they possibly can, and nit-pick about every little thing. Instead of taking responsibility for your own issues, you threaten to put your petty complaints all over sites like this. Take my advice - stay in your own trashy back yard and whine to whoever will listen to you there.
Milton Heights Campground in Milton, Ontario
Account photo "NEVER STAY @ MILTON HEIGHTS"......   Rude, unforgiving and money grabbers = Milton Heights personnel. We just spent one of the hottest weekends this summer @ Milton Heights, and it was nothing but problem after problem - starting before we even arrived! Knowing that it has been a very dry summer, we called ahead and were assured (as late as Friday @ 9am) that there was no fire restrictions in place. Upon arrival, not more than an hour later, we were informed that there was a Burn Ban in effect for the entire province. Not their fault, but at the same time, very suspect considering we were told over the phone, that nothing was in place. Okay, so we book the weekend, get our site set up, and set out on our weekend family camping adventure. Saturday morning - 9am. Water is shut off to the entire facilty due to a water main break. Not a big deal, other than the inability to use the toilet facilities, and shower etc. It's only the first morning, so we were not in a great need to shower, weather is beautiful - let's just take a swim in the pool. Noon Saturday, pool is closed. Something happenned in the water (use your imagination, public poool....), closed for "one hour". Okay, time for lucnh anyway, we can go back later. 2 hours go by, now we're told "90 minutes it will be re-open". Hmmm..... Another 2 hours later, we are now told "Pool is closed until tomorrow". Okay, kinda hot out, no pool......good news, water is running again! Okay, cool off with some cold water from the tap, maybe fill a couple of water guns..... Saturday night passes, no fire = early to bed. Sunday morning - still no pool, "maybe by noon"..... Not too hot yet, so no problem, water is running - let's go for showers. NO HOT WATER.....OMG, cold shoeers all around - if you've every tried to clean your hands in cold water with soap, you know the dirt goes away, but still full of germs. This is getting a bit ridiculous. Finally, 1pm, the pool is open again! Great, relief, as it's even hotter today. Sunday night, still no hot water..... Monday morning, no hot water - thst's it, we're not staying for Monday and Tuesday as planned, let's pack up early and move on. Upon informing the office that we will not be staying as planned, "You still owe for 2 bags of ice!.... and you have to be off the property by noon!" Excuse me? I owe you 8 dollars for 2 bags of ice that melted before the evening even arrived due to the lack of a pool, or running water....? You want me to leave immediately..... At the very least they coulda ate the cost for those two lousy bags of ice - nope, not budging. Not even a small apology for they lack of running water, inability to use the pool for over 24 hours, and for the fact that they ran out of propane to heat the water when it finally did come on? (BTW - it's 10am, the propane truck just arrived to solve the hot wtaer issue....) Never again will we stay at Milton Heights - I advise all potential weekend campers or vacationers in general to avoid at all cost!! Cost us over $200 just for the right ti camp for 3 nights - coulda spent that at a nice hotel and still ate dinner too! Oh yeah - we're packed and ready to leave, but we're using your pool until we've had enough water!
Camp Barcovan Tent and RV Park in Carrying Place, Ontario
Account photo Very nice , clean ,park ,friendly people .excellent service.
Mountain Waters Resort in Portland Creek, Newfoundland
Account photo "Typical camp ground..... "......   We stayed at Ruston a few weeks ago and found most of the experience pretty good The only real beef I had was the handful of people who make it clear they've been there a while and roam up and down the streets like they own the place. Sorry, I just have a very low tolerance for stupid people. Other than the park bullies its actually a very nice place and provides great activities for the kids. We will be back.
Mountain Waters Resort in Portland Creek, Newfoundland
Account photo great place to camp , relax and fish ....
Wrights Beach Camp in Penticton, British Columbia
Account photo "Wouldn't book there again"......   Booked at the campground with 3 sites boked. One person had to cancel because they got diagnosed with cancer and would be having surgery - they called more than 30 days in advance and the campground kept their $200 deposit. Maybe having a doctors note saying that you would be in surgery could get around the 45 day cancellation policy? nope. Other 2 campers continued on to the sites. One site was too small for the size of camper they had and so asked to be moved. The second camper wasn't at the campground yet so they called the campground and asked to be moved beside the unit that had just moved and when they were checking out noticed that they were charged $25 to move sites. Emailed the owner with complaints on their policies and he has a 'we need to make money however we can' attitude.
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