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Bingemans Campground in Kitchener, Ontario
Account photo "Summer"......   I thought it was great! Lots of things to do there and the staff was really helpful. The washrooms were better and more up to date than mpst campgrounds I have been to. It was right off the hichway, which made it great to find. Loved the waterpark and paintball as well. I think everyone should go and see how much fun it is!
"Great fun!"
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Very good - ExcellentLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     Jay (Brantford, Ontario) on Thursday, November 4, 2010
Bingemans Campground in Kitchener, Ontario
Account photo We booked the Oktoberfest package and had a great time, the Oktoberfest party hall was a 5 min. walk from our campsite. We will be back next year with our group.
Camp Hither Hills Campground in Ottawa, Ontario
Account photo "Camp Hither Hills"......   We stayed at Camp Hither Hills on July 30, 2010 for one week. We were escorted to several sites and allowed to choose the one that best suited us. Office was very helpful at giving directions, tips and sites to visit. WiFi was good, our kids enjoyed the pool and beach volleyball court. Washrooms are old but very clean, I saw them pressure washing the showers several times. They are in the process of converting their 30 amp PullThrus to large 50 amp PullThrus. Half have been done already. We stayed in a travel trailer in the PullThrus. Grass was cut several times while I was there. A very enjoyable stay, location was ideal, close to everything. Good Sam Park. We camped here in a Travel Trailer.
"Close to all attractions, clean, quiet, friendly place to stay."
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo "great campground"......   love koa cardinal ,great staff ,great facilities ,very clean ,always treated great ,have camped many times there and will return many more times in the future , way to go Dan ,Karen ,Phil ,Irene and of course the fantstic Brian who all the kids and the ladies love
Jay Lake Campground and RV Park in Minden, Ontario
Account photo "jay lake "......   nice to be at a park where you feel safe , The pool has times set up to ensure that no one will hit you with a ball as there are times just for kids and times for family swim and time of aquafit ,, something for everyone clean and the owner ensure not to take a loud party group quite and relaxed i think when we are ready we will like to be seasonal here
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo "worst weekend ever"......   I have never been treated so badly in my life. we arrived to a very unfriendly desk clerk. wasn't interested in answering any questions I had about childrens activities. Then as the night went on was told to turn off the radio at ten. I thought quiet time was 11:00pm. The staff was spying on us in the woods when we didn't shut radio off. what a joke. great place if you 60 or older and no kids. He made a bad name for KOA camping.
Yogi Bears Jellystone Park and Camp-resort in Bradford, Ontario
Account photo WHAT A RIP OFF!!! Beware when you see this campground on line. Take note they don't actual pictures or the lots. There is a reason for that plus kids that could care less about the campers work there. The bathrooms were discusting and thank God my trailer has one so I didn't have to use theirs. I just read all reviews on this place and I see that I'm not the only one who sees what I see. NEVER again would I EVER stay there plus would tell anyone who is looking to travel to stay away. People read the reviews and believe.....DO NOT GO THERE!
Bissells Hideaway Resort in Ridgeville, Ontario
Account photo We stayed at this campground for a week in August and it was great! The only thing I was unhappy about is that they wouldnt let us be right beside another family we went with and we booked this in early June. Even the people that were between us said they wouldnt of cared or even noticed if they moved over one site. However the pool was awsome and the whole place was spotless! We can't wait to go next year and hoping for another week stay. The kids said it was the best place ever and I agree....highly recommended!!
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo Have camped several times at this KOA and liked it. Had good experiences in the past. However, had reservations for the Labour Day weekend and looked forward to camping, but unfortunately not 1 but 2 deaths occured in the family and had to cancel reservations. Spoke to owner who REFUSED to give me back the deposit and even insinuated that I was lying. Telling me everyone gives that excuse. I even sent him the link to the Funeral home where he could see the obituaries. Wrote him asking for the small refund and just refused. I did tell him I hope this never happens to him, where he has to experience such rudness.
Bingemans Campground in Kitchener, Ontario
Account photo What a dump! Fire pit not cleaned in weeks. Restrooms were atrocious. Disorganized staff.
Cedar Beach Park in Stouffville, Ontario
Account photo Excellent campground, quiet, very well run. Great facilities and so close to the city yet out in the country.
Natures Hideaway Family Campground in De Winton, Alberta
Account photo "NATURES HIDEAWAY CAMPGROUND"......   I have read your letter about the campgound you were at and I am sure I will not even go there as there are many out there. THANKS for this update.
Fishermans Cove Tent and Trailer Park in Kincardine, Ontario
Account photo "Fisherman's Cove - Kincardine "......   Our first trip to Fisherman’s Cove and DEFINITELY our last…After spending $85/night, $150 on other supplies at the overpriced store, and $1.00/7 minutes for a cold shower, we were asked to leave based on a noise compliant from our cabins. The “security guard” stated they had a noise complaint from us Friday and now again Saturday, which is really funny because we weren’t even at our site on Friday night until we went to bed at 11:00 p.m. – Quiet time right?!?!? Again Saturday night after playing a game around the camp fire with cousins, nieces and nephews (all ranging from 2 years of age to 10 years of age), we were in bed shortly after 11:00. Rules - “Quiet time 11:00 p.m.–9:00 a.m.” After being asked to leave, being told that $500 had already been charged to our credit card for damage when they had not even seen the cabin (which was spotless!), we were extremely upset. We spoke with our “neighbours,” some of which we knew and some of which we had just met (all but one – who was the problem) all stated “our kids were in bed and we didn’t hear a thing” and offered to vouch for us because they also felt it was completely unfair! I completely respect the fact that rules need to be followed and I would expect nothing less of a campsite to remove campers who are not following the rules but asking two cabins who have paid full price, kept a clean campsite, followed the rules and did absolutely nothing but have a good time with family and friends, I can honestly say we will NEVER be back and that includes 6-10 trailers and 10-20 other visitors (renting cabins, etc.).
FairLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     Katie Meidinger (Hensall, Ontario) on Monday, September 6, 2010
Fishermans Cove Tent and Trailer Park in Kincardine, Ontario
Account photo "never go back"......   we have been going to fishermans cove for the past four years, nice place but you rarely have hot water when using the showers for a 1.00, very expensive and very dirty in the pines.They follow what rules they feel like following on that particular day (which if you are going to post rules keep it "consistant"). They say no motorbikes, golfcarts and other motorized vehichles but there were lots of the roaming around even though there have been accidents on previous years with children, and nothing done about it just the parents to watch there kids more closely. We will never go back!
Fishermans Cove Tent and Trailer Park in Kincardine, Ontario
Account photo "Worst camping trip ever."......   We go camping once a year and look forward to it. I've been going to fisherman's cove for the past 5 years and now that I've met the management, I'll never go again. It's far too expensive to begin with, but it almost got even more expensive. We rented a "cabin"(garden shed) and were asked to leave because of noise on our site friday and saturday. That's fair enough, but completely untrue. We weren't even at our site friday, and were in bed by 11pm saturday. When they informed us we were to leave, they told us they'd already charged our credit card a $500 damage fee, without even seeing our site. They came and inspected it, and refunded our credit card. That is NOT ok. Everyone of our neighbours who we'd never met offered to go up and vouge for us, but the management had already made up their mind. There is no customer loyalty, so they've lost our whole group (about 30-50 people during the last 5 years) and all of the neighbours we just met. Never spending another dollar there again.
"1 star, and that's just because the washrooms are clean."
Meadowlark Campground in Brandon, Manitoba
Account photo large pull throughs with full service. pleasant manangement. will stay there again. close to other services in city
Travellers RV Resort and Campground in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Account photo good pull throughs with full service
Millers Camping Resort in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Account photo Very clean campground. Seasonals take pride in there places there. Pleasant staff
Tobermory Village Campground in Tobermory, Ontario
Account photo "do not stay here!"......   We reserved 5 campsites and had 2 people per site. 10 people total. The campsite created "new" rules for group sites that are not listed on their "rules" for everyone else they display on their website or on the rules we all had to sign. We had to pay a $250 deposit for each campsite. We only stayed one night because there were 40 mph winds and rain and we could no longer SCUBA dive which is why we all came. They would not refund us the 3 other nights because groups have to prepay and have a 3 night minimum. If we had all booked separately, then it would be a different set if rules, but since we were a group, we got nothing. The people running the campsite were unfriendly and unaccomidating to our needs. Two of our sites had to share a firepit because we were a group they thought we would all be at one site anyways. The rules are very very very strict about talking and you run the risk of eviction if you speak louder than a whisper after 11pm. you have no access to site after 10:30. we had one couple that had to sleep elsewhere because they could not get in the gate after 10:30, even if you are a paying and already there guest. I would never ever stay here again. I would not recommend this place to any SCUBA divers we have had much better treatment at happy hearts which is just a moment away. Also you have to pay for showers, which seems ridiculous. Bathrooms were not close to campsites. This site is geared towards RV camping not tents. Sites were disproportionate. Many large low profile rocks making it difficult to maneuver in and out of each site. The campsites around us who did not have to pay an outrageous deposit were the loudest of all. RV sites.
"very rude, outrageous rules,"
Peace River Lions Campground in Peace River, Alberta
Account photo "Lions Camp ground"......   Nice camp ground but old and therefore offers small sites for larger trailers. They are aware of this and are making changes. Clean and well run.
FairLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     H. Skaar (Forestburg, Alberta) on Saturday, September 4, 2010
David Thompson Resort in Clearwater County, Alberta
Account photo RV sites were small and un-even, making levelling almost impossible. Not much privacy here - units are stacked in like a trailer park. Shower facilities were okay. But worst of all, as we were leaving, we drove beside a stump, hidden by a shrub, hooked it on the retractable step, bent the step and set off all the alarms in the unit. We've been having problems ever since. My advice to the owners - get in some big equipment and fix up the sites!
"Sites aren't meant for big motorhomes"
K O K Campground in Grande-Digue, New Brunswick
Account photo This campground Stinks, won't be back until smell is take care of! We stayed at this campground once in 2006 and then again August 2010. Both of the experiences were relativly the same. The facilities are decent and a decent distance from the beach. Our visit in 2006 came with a horrible smell when the wind blew just right it smelled like sewage. Unfortunatly the prevailing wind brought that smell almost constantly. I vowed to not go back to this campground, until a recent family event brought us back to the area. I wanted to stay with my other family members so camped along with them back here, even after letting them know about the smell we encountered in 2006. I was hoping that it would have been fixed, but our 2010 visit was not much different. The smell was still there! I cant beleive they would not do something about it. My idea of camping is more in a wooded setting, they have removed their wooded camping for more even more seasonal spaces. The seasonal campers for the most part seem very nice and friendly, there were a few that felt the need to play their music so that everyone from one end of the campground to the other could hear it. Waking my 3 sleeping children all under the age of 4 in the process. When approached they did turn the music down shortly after quiet hours. I also recommend if you do stay here, purchase wood from the local community on the way in, there are a couple of places on the side of the road. The wood at the campground has small bundles that burn up quickly. Our second night we got wood from one of the locals and they were a good size and lasted much longer.
"Great place to camp if they could get rid of the smell. Open sites, decent facilities, and great sense of community within the seasonal campers"
Campground owners comment  Campground owner's comment (Saturday, September 4, 2010): Dear J Mac, in reference to our letter sent to you dated February 22, 2011 we would like to show other campers that we do take feedback seriously and in our letter to you we had apologized for your uncomfortable stay here at our Campground and that we did take steps to address your concerns: After reading his review we had met with a few experts in the field and we implemented some changes in our Treatment Plant and we are confident his concerns regarding this have been addressed. As far as “seasonal” go, we have taken more in over the past few years. We found with the new campgrounds and expansions in Shediac that it was necessary to stay in business. Although we still have overnighters sites, we do miss the large crowds of overnighters that we had in the past. The firewood we sell is what we purchase from a private NB company. Cost we feel is reasonable for quality and having it on site. Yes you can get some on the side of road in various locations but they do not have to include the packaging, delivery and government regulations. Most campgrounds cannot compete with the roadside vendor. Regarding the kids being awakened by music, like most campgrounds, we do have events on some weekends and these go on until quiets times.... but our security staff ensures that our 11:30 pm quiet time rule is respected by all campers. Again we like to take this chance apologize to J Mac for his stay not being as he expected. Sincerely, Joanne & Hal Mullin @
Bensfort Bridge Resort Ltd in Bailieboro, Ontario
Account photo
"loud, noisy, with rude trailer people and Owners, not a safe place for children"
Stonehurst Golf Course and Trailer Park in Riverview, New Brunswick
Account photo "Stonehurst"......   For the past two years, we have made this campground our destination for Thanksgiving weekend. The owners are nice and the campground is quite inviting. An attached golf course and driving range for all you club lovers! You shouldn't be disappointed with this place.
Stonehurst Golf Course and Trailer Park in Riverview, New Brunswick
Account photo "Stonehurst"......   For the past two years, we have made this campground our destination for Thanksgiving weekend. The owners are nice and the campground is quite inviting. An attached golf course and driving range for all you club lovers! You shouldn't be disappointed with this place.
K O K Campground in Grande-Digue, New Brunswick
Account photo "Good campground"......   We stayed here for the first time this summer and absolutely loved it. The campground was clean, you can walk to the beach and the owners/staff were friendly. The sites were level and reasonable size. Most of the campground is seasonal - we went to camp there because a friend is seasonally camped there - seasonal folks were friendly. We are campinig there again this Labour Day weekend....
South Mountain Park Campground and RV Resort in Kentville, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Great spot!"......   We spent 5 nights there this summer and absolutley loved it. Yeah, the sights may be a bit small but the staff and campers we met were number 1! There was a bit of a cock-up in our reservation but the issue was resolved without drama. The seasonal folks were fantastic and we have made some new friends. The pool is large and clean. The bathrooms are immaculate. We'll be back for sure...
Loch Lomond Tent and Trailer Park in Amherst, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Loch Lomond - not missing a monstor"......   stayed once - never again. Rude owners/staff - how they remain in business is anyone's guess. We booked for one night but left 3 hours after check-in. After contacting the NS Dept of Tourism, it was quickly determined that they didn't care either. It was only through CAA that we obtained our refund.
Beausejour Camping in Shédiac, New Brunswick
Account photo "Beausejour was not a good experience"......   After reserving two specific 3-way hook-up sites, we arrived and were told that they had two "better" sites for us. Not the case at all - the new sites were washed out from a previous rain storm. We did however, manage to watch the two sites we originally booked, remain vacant all weekend. The owner couldn't have cared less. Too bad - an otherwise nice campground is mis-managed and rude to campers. WE WON'T BE BACK and we don't refer people to there.
King Waldorfs Tent and Trailer Park in Niagara Falls, Ontario
Account photo Great place! Staff were helpful and pleasant. Close to everything in niagara falls. Washrooms were kept clean. Place was full, but no issues. Conveniant booking.
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