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Auburn Riverside Retreat in Auburn, Ontario
Account photo "Never go there!!!!"......   We used to love this campground until this summer!!!! The owner is the rudest man I have ever spoken to!!!! The wife is pleasant to deal with but stay away from him. If you are going with kids and plan to have a couple beverages over he weekend this is not where you want to be. We apparently left water melon skins on the table when we left and my family hates watermelon and I have never purchased watermelon and we have been permanently kicked out. I believe this guy is trying to make this s dry campground and doesn't know what fun is. I would highly recommend not going there and save yourself from this guy.....I have never dealt with anyone so rude and arrogant in all my life!!!!
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GoodLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     Stephanie (Ontario) on Monday, September 7, 2015
Cedar Valley Resort in Orono, Ontario
Account photo "Beautifully kept grounds, lovely site"......   We planned on staying at this campground for 2 nights, but it ended up only being one. My husband was working in the area, and as I was going with him, I though it would be more fun for me to sit at campground and wait for him as opposed to a motel room. We arrived late on Sunday (later than we planned) around 9pm, but the owner was very pleasant and lenient about this, even took me on his 4 wheeler to show me the site, and showed me around the campground, he even went so far as to offer mye a flood light, in order to put up my tent. I declined it, as I had already a nice big flashlight, and the headlights of my car. My husband arrived back from work in the wee hours of the morning and only slept a few hours when we got up to find the bathrooms around 8am. I drove him in our car, as I he really had to go, and it would have taken about 5-10 minutes for him to walk to the washroom from our site. At this point I was very satisfied so far with the beautiful pond surrounding us, the great price on wood (only $5 for a bag) and the hospitality we'd been given so far. On our way back from the washroom, we sort of lost our way and ended up at a dead end road where alot of trailers were. I was about to back up and turn around, when my husband saw a litte trail, and because he's a truck driver, and I drive a Kia Rio, he said, "you can fit your car through there no problem, go ahead hun" I was unsure so I proceeded down the trail slowly....the trail then started to turn and I could see a big tree root infront of me that I either would have had to drive over, or steer into bushes and trees to avoid. So I said to my husband, "why don't I just turn around, I don't think this is meant for cars to drive through" But of course, my husband, not trusting my backing up skills and just wanting to get back to our site so he could get a coffee as he hadn't slept well, got out of the car and looked and assured me I'd be fine, I could get through no problem and our site was just on the other side of the trail, so I went. There was a ditch at the end of the trail before the road, and a wooden plank laid accross as a sort of bridge. Being half asleep and just trusting my husband, I drove over the peice of bridge incorrectly, and my tires slipped off the side and my car dropped down into the ditch. Boy did I feel silly now!! So I got out of the car, as he assessed the situation and see how he would get my car out of the mess I had just gotten it in. Just as I was yelling at him, saying "see, I told you, you should have just let me turn around, I shouldn't have listened to you, I should have backed up and turned around", the owner of the park came around the bend on his 4 wheeler. "What are you guys?? _ _ _ holes?" He yelled at us. Embarassed, shocked, and appalled at the language that was just used, we stammered and apologized and attempted to explain how we ended up there. The owner was very angry at us clearly, and he started taking pictures of the car in the ditch with his phone. He said, "this is a bike trail, how could you not know that this is a bike trail?". This was very embarassing and unfortuneate, because up until that point we were enjoying our stay so much. I walked over to our site and sat on the picnic bench with my head in my hands, absolutely mortified and embarassed about making such a silly driving decision. Within seconds though, my husband had placed a few chunks of wood under the tires of my car where it had slipped off the wooden "bike brige" and got my car out. There was no damage done other than small gouge from the bottom of my car in the peice of wood, and the dirt and grass around the ditch had become dug up a little. The moral of the story is, if you go to this campground, be very careful where you drive your car, and be prepared to get sworn at if you make a mistake!!! It was a beatiful park, cute little washrooms and clean showers, and lots of nice trails to explore.
"Beautiful place, owner not so professional however"
ExcellentLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     Christine Ward (Orono, Ontario) on Saturday, September 5, 2015
Great Canadian Hideaway in Parkhill, Ontario
Account photo "Poorly managed, damage to property"......   Teenagers damaged personal property, owners were unprofessional and did nothing to correct
Camp Barcovan Tent and RV Park in Carrying Place, Ontario
Account photo We rented a cabin for a week with my family and had a very nice time there. The park and the toilets/showers were very clean, and it has a nice swimming pool. The owners were very friendly and helpful in many ways. I certainly recommend it!
Rideau Acres Camping Resort in Kingston, Ontario
Account photo "STINKY"......   let just say, I have never been so up and personal with our stinky friends before 7 night stay and every night there was a encounter with them. They have know fear right under trailer every night, don't go outside to have a smoke and think u r sitting alone because they always come to visit. the best part of camping is the fire and camp treats, well not to enjoyable at this place(unless u like to share with the skunks) needless to say there was no pie irons happening. will not return unless they have a grantee SKUNK FREE. I paid big bucks for my new trailer, the last thing I want is for it to smell like skunk
Rideau Acres Camping Resort in Kingston, Ontario
Account photo "Think twice!! We won't be back! "......   We booked our one week vacation at Rideau Acres in April for the week of August 16-23rd. We were told we would be on sites D11 and D13 which we were very happy about because they were close to the beach! When we arrived we were given completely different sites and the guy at the check in trailer told us at that point that we should've paid a $20 site fee to guarantee that we were on those sites (not something we were told at the time of booking)! I wasn't very happy at that point. The guy even asked me if I wanted to continue with the reservation - like I was going to say no and turn around and go back home! Not a great way to start off our vacation! To say we were disappointed was a small understatement but we dealt with it. When we got our site set up we were OK with the location! Fast forward to our first campfire... We got a visitor in the form of a SKUNK and continued EVERY NIGHT the entire week to have multiple visits by these stinky things sometimes there were 3 at a time!! These things are a HUGE problem in this campground and of course they don't warn you about them at all! They know they're a problem and say they are trying to control it! In talking to some other campers who experienced them up close and personal...they even go right into the tents if they smell food! We managed to have a great week despite the skunks but based on that and that alone we will not return to Rideau Acres again!
Silent Valley Park Ltd in Ayton, Ontario
Account photo ""someone from the city""......   I have camped at Silent Valley for many years and never had a problem, but this year was something else. We were given a site with a sewer opening on it and yes they had to drain the sewer one afternoon. We were told that we should leave for a couple of hours and make sure that our windows and vents were closed. So we did what we were asked to do and when we came back the job was done, so we thought. But a little while later the maintence man came back and had to open the hole again and this time there was definitly a smell and it lingered for quite a while. I mentioned to the maintence man that we should get a discount being on a site with the sewer opening on it. His answer? Not my problem and as I was trying to have a conversation with him he walked away. Problem #2: when we packed up and were leaving the site we noticed that our plugs were melted from our power cords. The reason is because they do not have GFI ground on their outlets. This can be dangerous. My son-inlaw and myself went to the front office to discuss this with the owner/manager and she call their maintence man. Yes the same one that we had to deal with the day before. This maintence man showed up with no tools of any kind, just a cigeratte hanging out of his mouth. We tried to explain to him what had happen, but again he would not listen to us and kept walking away from us. He also implied that we lived in the city and didn't know what we were talking about. We live in rural area; our address is R. R. #1. Last time we camp here.
Devon Lions Club Campground in Devon, Alberta
Account photo "excellent times"......   Very nice campground, lots of stuff for the kids to do, lots of nature trails and viewings, friendly staff and very helpful. Only thing we did not enjoy were the "gunshot" fireworks some of the neighbour campers set off around midnight, although fireworks are NOT allowed, I guess for the semi-permanent residents there are exceptions.
Very goodLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     thomas mackey (Kamloops, British Columbia) on Sunday, August 16, 2015
Trail Campground in Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Account photo "Poor camping experience"......   We were tenting as a family, the tenting campsites were very poor (2 of the sites had abandoned tents that the owners had no idea), washrooms were disgusting and you pay for showers.
South Mountain Park Campground and RV Resort in Kentville, Nova Scotia
Account photo "A great place for the entire family!"......   This lovely campground is located roughly 9km off Highway 101 on Exit 13. Once you arrive, the office/store is the first building you see. The staff members are super friendly- you can tell they enjoy working there. They are organized and deal with customers in an orderly fashion. The facilities- the washrooms/showers are clean and tidy- they are cleaned everyday. The pool is large and well-maintained. It was very clean during our stay. The arcade has games, pool tables and a Ping-Pong table and also seating areas. A tidy space! A library with seating areas are used for different activities. Crafts daily for the kids. It is quiet during the week at this campground but the weekends are filled with activities (There are themed weekends which is outlined on their website). You can tell that the owners care about their park and those who stay there. The grounds are well kept and sites are a good size.
Thetis Lake Campground in Victoria, British Columbia
Account photo "Stay away. Rude, Dirty, Dishonest, Discriminatory"......   Extremely rude and discriminatory. The other negative reviews I have read on the internet about this place are accurate! DO NOT STAY HERE! This was the most bizzare experience I ever had at a campground or anywhere. There is one man at the campsite who angrily told me that I could not stay there after the man in the office said I could stay the night. He actually said, "There is nothing for you here. Leave. I said so." The experience was so strange and aggressive, that a more complete explanation is necessary. I have wrote down EXACTLY what happened. My family and I called to see if this campground had space for 1 family tent. There would be one SUV, 2 parents, and three children (17, 15, and 13). We were assured that there were plenty of sites. For context, let me tell you how we look. My family is clean cut, the car is in good condition and failry clean, there are no bumper stickers with political, offensive, or religious messages - in fact there are no bumper stickers at all - we have no pets, don't smoke, and don't drink. Boring, I know. That day, none of us had any clothing with offensive messages, that were worn or dirty, or were inappropriate in any way. I say this to explain that there was no reason or supposed justification for the way we were treatted based on our appearance. And during the entiere time (except at the VERY end did i even show that I was frustrated). When we arrived in the afternoon, we waited at the office for someone to show up. When no one did show, I went to the other building that said "office" which is off to the right of the enterance. It was then that I was confronted by the "Rude Man." Now, I need to describe him so anyone who goes there (which noone really should) can avoid him. He is quite overweight, has a grey, longish goatee, and rides a golf cart around the grounds and was wearing a shirt with the sleves cut off. I don't know his name, so I will stick with "Rude Man." When I pulled up at the building, he rode up behind me and said, "What are you doing!?" I told him I was looking to stay the night and that I had called earlier and was told a campsite was available. He said, "Get away from that building. Its not the office." I said ok, but tried to lighten the situation by laughing that there were 2-3 signs on the building that said "Office." He angrilly said, "well it isn't." and rode off to the first building at the entrance. When I approached the entrance building, he kept glaring at me; literally leaning on the steering wheel staring at me. It was a look you see slightly drunk or mentally challenged people get when they want to fight someone. Again, trying to show that I simply wanted to stay the night, I said that I called earlier and was told there were tent spaces availible for my family. He told me that I would have to wait for the "other guy" because he would know. I said, "no problem. Thanks." Then about 20 seconds later - without stopping his glare - he said, "We have no space for you." and began to back up his cart to drive away. I said, "excuse me?" He repeated, "We have no spaces. Go." I asked if he was sure (afterall, he hadn't left the seat of the golf cart and hadn't talked to anyone on a phone or walkie-talkie to see if there were spaces). He said, "yep. You need to leave." I asked why. His response was (verbatium), "It doesn't matter. Leave." And he drove off. So I left, with my entire family wondering what just happened. It was so strange. So I pulled out my cell phone and called, what I thought, another campsite I spoken to earlier that day. I asked if they had any tent spaces availible and was told yes. I asked the campsites address and then realized that it wass the Thetis Lake Campground again. So I asked if he was SURE that there were tent sites available and was told there were a number of sites left. When I returned within 10 minutes of leaving the first time, I entered the office next to the entrance. A younger man by the name of Greg (I think) was helping me. He was nice enough and showed me on a map where the tent sites were. He told me that I could either drive up myself or wait for "the other guy" to show me. I told him that I would be happy to drive up myself. When I got to the loop that had the multiple tent sites (which i could see were vacant) Rude Man's golf cart was blocking the road! The Rude Man was talking to someone - presumably another camper. Then the Rude Man came over and got into his golf cart. I rolled down the window and said, "Hi again, the guy at the front office sent me up here to that (gestturing to a vacant site) was availible. Rude Man said, "I said you can't stay here." I responded, by saying, "I thought it was a misunderstanding because the other man said there was space." He interrupted and said, "It doesn't matter what he says, I already made the decision. I don't care. You have to leave!" (I use exclaimation point to show how he was talking. He never yelled per se, but was loud, definitive, and aggressive). The then tore off in his golf cart headed for the office. At this point, i had no interest in staying, but was curious what the heck was going on. So I turned the car around and drove to the entrance/exit. When I approached the entrance, another guest was leaving the office who was just given a site despite the fact that he did not have reservations. (I know this because he said so when I first spoke tto Greg in the office). The Rude Man was on the steps yelling (not loud but in a scolding manner) at Greg. Greg stood there with his arms slightly open with his palms up like saying "What?" or "Why?" I got out of my car and approached the two. I was still smiling because I didn't want this to escalate, but I was curious about why he was treating me this way. I heard Greg say, "Why?' and "Why not?" With Rude Man saying "Because I said" and "it doesn't matter." So when I got to the two of them, I said, "Is there something that I am missing? I called earlier today and was told there were tent spaces availible." Rude Man interrupted again and said, "there are spaces availible but not for you." I asked point blank, "Did I do or say anything that offended you." Rude Man said, "It doesn't matter. Leave. Good day. Leave. I said so." and would repeat that over and over - though in different orders. The entire time refusing to look at me and breathing through his nose like he had just run a mile. His face was literally getting redder and redder. I looked quizically at Greg, who just gave me the "i'm lost as you are" shrug with his shoulders and hands. So I said, at this point showing some frustration, but not enough to provoke a fight, "So I don't get any explination because this is really bizzare.'" Rude Man said, "I said so. Leave. Nothing here for you." So we left. My wife pointed out that the situation was more scary than wierd. Looking back, I am glad we didn't stay, even without Rude Man's confrontation. The place is extremely run down, dirty, and sketchy looking. security for my tent and my family would have been a concern. DO NOT STAY HERE!!! I am going to report this experience to the BC board of tourism. GO TO FORT VICTORIA I cannot recommend strongly enough to AVOID THETIS LAKE CAMPGROUND. INSTEAD we went to Fort Victoria and had a wonderful welcome, EXTREMELY CLEAN bathrooms, warm showerrs, free - but slow - wi-fi.
"Stay away from this hole!"
Winding River Campground in Sauble Beach, Ontario
Account photo "Do not stay here"......   Upon arrival we knew we had made a mistake. The site was the smallest site I've ever seen with no privacy at all between each site. Every new arrival we heard come in had nothing but negative reviews upon arrival. The bathrooms were disgusting and to take a shower cost you $1 for every 5 minutes. I know that's not much but when every aspect of this campground has been very sub par it's just one more reason not to come here. At 10pm we had to turn off our radio that could barley be heard from 10 ft away. We bought firewood from the on site store that was very wet and when we used fluid to try and start it we were asked not too. The site supervisor then denied the wood came from their store. All in all this has to be one of the worst campgrounds we have ever spent time at. Stick to well known private parks or provincial parks.
"Do not attend this campground."
Click to go to the campground's website Green Acres Campground and RV Park (boxerdog) in Kincardine, Ontario
Account photo "never go back"......   First I booked a pull thru (33ft trailer) when I arrived, they said they didn't have a pull thru available, I booked it 5 months prior. the owner would drive around in a golf cart stopping at each site checking to check it out, he was walking around the back of our trailer, when he thought we where not in it. I could go on & on, just don't go there.
South Mountain Park Campground and RV Resort in Kentville, Nova Scotia
Account photo The pond was disgusting and when you took the paddle boats out you was having to clean all of the weeds and slime from underneath the boat.My daughter was always wanting to go in them but it was alot of work to paddle to get anywhere and on top of that they charged to take them out for 30 minutes,Well I know we never lasted 10 minutes.It was dissapointing.
Summer House Park in Miller Lake, Ontario
Account photo ""......   In our 22 years of camping I have never left feeling so gouged. Although we are an adult "family" this campsite charges an extra, $20/adult/nite A whopping bill of $465 for 3 nites. The site next to us paid $700 for 2 weeks with younger children! I appealed to the owner, Jim, to work with me on the pricing but would not budge After a 3 hour drive and full campsites everywhere, we had no choice but to stay. Our kids arrived separately after 10 pm on the Friday, with no staff at gate, we could have snuck them in if we were dishonest, or lied that 2 that are 18 were actually 17,I pointed this out to Jim, still no change in rate. So much for honesty being best policy. This park clearly discriminates against adult families, and we will never return! I booked by telephone, not internet, had I been told this in May when booking we would have never gone! Sigh!!
South Mountain Park Campground and RV Resort in Kentville, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Acting like stingy landlords instead of resort operators"......   We made a group reservation with 6 families for tent sites. There were insufficient unserviced lots available that long weekend so we accepted 5 unserviced lots and one lot with power on the shaded side of the pond. On arrival Friday evening we found that the shaded, powered lot was not available and instead we had been moved down to another powered lot without morning shade. Finding that the 5 unserviced lots would fit the tents, we told the owner we would not use the powered lot even though we paid for it. The second day one of the families arriving late had called ahead to cancel their reservation. As the reservation was made by one person of the group, the names were assigned in no particular order to the lots. This did not matter to the owner/operator who decided to cancel the unserviced lot in the middle of the area where all of us were staying and call up someone from their waiting list. On return from our day trip we found one of the tents on the side of the road, with all the belongings thrown inside. There were new campers in the middle of our campsite. They told us that the owner moved our tent as the site had been cancelled. After 2 hours of discussing with the owners and getting nowhere we moved the tent on the now very crowded lots we had left. The powered lot still sat empty and wasn't rented out for our entire stay. At no point did the owner try to contact the person who had made all the reservations or anyone else in our group. They had all our phone numbers but none received a call from them. At no point during the 2 hours of back-and-forth did the owners apologize for the unfortunate miscommunication. Only after I pointed this out, did the owner think to apologize to the new campers for their trouble. They told me they didn't care what I thought because I wasn't a customer since I hadn't paid for a site that day. I said that it felt like they were managing an apartment rental business and they said that was exactly how they saw it too. Since we hadn't paid, we were evicted. Needless to say all 6 families cut our stay short and left the next day. The fact that the common facilities (dirty washrooms, worn playgrounds, weed-ridden pond, etc.) were badly maintained added to our frustration and decision to spend the last day of the long weekend at home.
"Badly managed trailer park. Another business owner who thinks balancing the books is all it takes."
PoorLocation:       Poor
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Poor
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Poor
NOT recommended!     Tom Servaes (Bedford, Nova Scotia) on Monday, August 3, 2015
Cedar Shade Campground in Alfred, Ontario
Account photo "Cedar Shade-Would not recommend."......   Not well maintained. Quite dirty. Drainage problem, so all grounds and sites are constantly wet and muddy, even when there hasn't been rain in many days. Quite loud, bad language. Not a great spot for little kids.
Camp Barcovan Tent and RV Park in Carrying Place, Ontario
Account photo Acceptable up until the last minute when the campground owner declared an extra 10$ fee for dumping which is not usual for any campground I have been and disappointing this is mentioned at the last minute despite the confirmation dumping was included the day before ... I share the view of previous comment made by others : the owner just don't care about anything other than your money ...
"Price issue"
Comfort Plus Campground in White City, Saskatchewan
Account photo Good one night stay any longer and you could incurred wrath of owner/manager Karen. Very inexperienced in operating campground and being responsive to campers needs
Knutsford/Kamloops RV Campground in Knutsford, British Columbia
Account photo Nice creek on site. Not impressed with slower than slow WiFi. Suggest bringing your own drinking water, had the "scoots" the whole time we were there.
FairLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     Camping Fanatic (Vancouver, British Columbia) on Sunday, July 19, 2015
Knutsford/Kamloops RV Campground in Knutsford, British Columbia
Account photo Nice location, internet extremely poor, some issues with quality of drinking water.
Loch Lomond Tent and Trailer Park in Amherst, Nova Scotia
Account photo Overall a good camping experience. We camped in a tent trailer in one of the sites bordering the water. Had no problems with staff as mentioned in the other reviews. The grounds are well kept and bathroom facilities are large, immaculate, and centrally located. We also had no issues with owners putting out our fire, however having children we were not up late. This is definitely a FAMILY campground and not for the party kind. The campground is also minutes from the town so convenient should you need to pick things up. The only negative thing I would say is there is not much to do in regards to walking, biking or hiking.
The Windsor Campground in Maidstone, Ontario
Account photo Why would anyone want to camp here. It is located between highway 401 (a major trucking route) and Windsor Airport, so the noise never stops at any time - day or night. It is full of loud drunk people on busy weekends, not to mention the seasonals driving their golf carts around at midnight. The full service sites are basically a large open space with hardly any foliage at all, and you feel like you are in some trailer park, crammed in on top of one another. The owner, Ed, is quite miserable and will find a way to have a problem with you. The wood is overpriced - you get around 8 pieces for $7.50, and the store is under-stocked. There are many other campgrounds in the area, and even though they may be a longer drive to Windsor, it would be completely worth it to make the longer trip. It may be okay for young singles (the required age is 21 to rent a site for some reason, not 18 or 19), but it isn't a place I would take a family who wants to go camping to get away from a busy life in the city. Sure, there may be a pool, fishing, and a playground, but what campground doesn't have this, at least nearby. After the experiences we've had here (and we are quite tolerable), we don't plan on ever returning.
Camping Plage Gagnon Beach in Grand-Barachois, New Brunswick
Account photo "Great sand beach, ocean air, park well managed, comfortable and very clean "......   My wife and I recently stayed at Camping Plage Gagnon for 3 days. We were on an extended driving tour of the Maritime coastlines and booked at Gagnon for some extended relaxation. The park was very clean and well organized. We enjoyed the sands, rich fresh air and clear waters of the beach, great for reading, walking and wading. Interesting sea birds and great exposure to ocean front life. We played like kids on the huge inflated bounce pad, a new style work-out. We found the owners to be very friendly and accommodating and got good travel, entertainment and dining tips. Very genial considering they were committed to working full days on improvements to the park facilities and developing additional sites. Beautiful geography and very engaged management makes this a great location for a comfortable stay.
"A great place to relax, then access seafood, PEI or the vinyards of Wolfville."
Very goodLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     SouponTour (Thunder Bay, Ontario) on Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Oakhill Pines Campground in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Perfect Place"......   I've read these reviews & can't believe what I've read with respect to the negativity. The campground (lots) are very spacous. You can get treed or opened lots. The sites are NOT on top of one anther compared to so many in NS. They may appear that way at times as there are so many campers with company. The bathrooms are older but very clean and will be upgraded in the near future as upgrades have been taking place. The children love it here as do the adults. A true family campground. New rec. hall, games room, canteen etc. Staff is very accomdating. Try for yourself and you'll wonder about the negativity too. (By the way, ticks", I've heard of 1 and if you live in NS that's amazing for this year.)
Oakhill Pines Campground in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Account photo "PERFECT PLACE !!"......   Oakhill Pines is the ideal Based on a family getaway the setting is perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have rebooked for several more great weekends. Give it a try, you won't be disappointented. Cheaper rates, spacious lots & friendly people.
Klahanie Kamping in Aylesford, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Worst campground ever"......   Horrible place,it has old RV in the woods,the pool was green. The staff were rude. Don't waste your money
Capilano RV Park in Vancouver, British Columbia
Account photo "Just ok"......   This campground looked pretty wonderful on line. Appeared to have the river on one side, surrounded by trees. It has a river, but a chain link fence and bushes keep you away. Also the other 3 sides appear to be bordered by roads. The sites are very small. Location is wonderful. Washing machines and dryers are nice. Very clean room. But there is no change machine. Oops yes there is, but only takes Canadian money. We were visiting from USA. Had to go to bank to get change. When we checked in, we were not offered any tourist info. We were also told there was no cable tv. But there was cable, so we hooked up and it did work.
Riviera RV Park and Campground in Grand Forks, British Columbia
Account photo Stay away from this place, very very unpleasant female host, allows crackhead and drunks to live there, but chases away the good people, RCMP in this place a number of times last summer, dirty coin showers, broken but still in use washing machine, erratic office hours, blown out lightbulbs in washroom and park grounds, pitch dark at night, often for days at a time, only the guests are there, nobody looking after the place, POWER SURGE PROTECTOR for rvs highly recommended. Take your own loonies for the showers and laundry, if the office is open, they don't always have change for you. We left with a week remaining on our monthly rent. And they want 5.00 a day for extra vehicles, including motorcycles and bike trailers, work crews - don't stay here for that reason, dog poop and cig butts on the beach, overflowing garbage dumpster is the norm, attracts bears, I could go on and on, we stayed here for 18 months over a 24 month period, this place is going downhill as I write this.
FairLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     Krista MacDonald (Grand Forks, British Columbia) on Friday, April 10, 2015
Click to go to the campground's website Birch Grove RV Park and Marina (birchgrovervpark) in Nelson, British Columbia
Account photo "Beautiful RV and Marina Campground "......   Sometimes it's the little things that matter. This was our 4th stay at this RV park. It's a beautiful campground. Very clean and with a staff that is always willing to help. Every year we like to stay in the same campsite, along with the 4 other units that we go with. They have always accommodated us.  As soon as a unit moves out, there is someone there to clean up the site. Emptying the fire pit out, raking away stones and leaves and cleaning up any other debris left by the campers. Let me tell you, that is not always the case with many campgrounds. At this campground, they pay attention to details. Stayed September 2014, travelled with friends
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