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Pine Valley Campground and Cottages in Stonecliffe, Ontario
Account photo "pine bug valley"......   what an infestation! of bugs! and the biggest bug of them all is the owner! what a pest he was! do not trust these folks! save your cash and go elsewhere. It felt like a prison? a detention centre? the washrooms didn't even use " Charmin Toilet Paper! for crying out loud!", what a fool! all bears use Charmin toilet paper? there is bear scat all over the site!#@&^ what a sorry site that is, go somewhere else please!
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GoodLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     smokey the bear on Tuesday, August 13, 2013
South Mountain Park Campground and RV Resort in Kentville, Nova Scotia
Account photo "New manegment and going down hill quickly"......   Hey heads up to everyone.. Not the same friendly guy running around picking up every little scrap of trash.. Showers and bathrooms used to be amazing now they are dirty and unkept..playground never updated.. Always saying lot rent goin up to ass new activities??? Where r they?? Have been here 5 years and still have t seen any...pool is no lo get sparkling clean.. Still no activities for the kids unless the seasonal campers put sumthing on!! What's up with that?? Paddle boats are in a pond filled with ducks and their droppings, don't let the water splash u in the face.. The famous groovy ride will make u gag with the diesel exhaust blowing in your face... Extremely small lots .. Taking some of the green space away for more seasonal lots.. Fees are high.. Service is low!! Sometimes change is good.. But definitely will not be back here. There is a reason why seasonal campers stay and seasonals go!!! Lots have left and moved on and more going!! Todd where are you??!!!
"Going down hill fast"
Pine Valley Campground and Cottages in Stonecliffe, Ontario
Account photo "Best little kept secret in the valley"......   Vidito Family Campground and cottages is the best little kept secret in the valley. Very good 2 way service and dump station at a very good price. Some 3 way sites are available. Salt water above ground pool showers and washrooms. New this year is the Apple Wood Café serving great food
ExcellentLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     Ernie McMurrer (Aylesford, Nova Scotia) on Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Oakhill Pines Campground in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Account photo "So disgusted we just left."......   Attempted to camp here this weekend, reservation was booked and paid for in advance. We were supposed to have a couple of sites off in the wooded area of the campground. When we arrived we were told we couldn't have the sites requested due to previous campers being irresponsible with their fire. Then we were led to a group of sites that were right next to the main buildings and they were flooded from the rain. We were told we could camp here....not likely. The women we were talking to was very rude, I couldn't understand what her issue with us was about. None of us had ever been there before and we deffinatley will not be back! They need to work on their customer service! We received nothing but attitude from the moment we arrived until we left, disgusted!
Rideau Acres Camping Resort in Kingston, Ontario
Account photo "SKUNKS!!! DO NOT GO THERE!!!"......   Avoid this place by all means if you are sleeping in a tent! SKUNKS are crawling at night. It is not like there is only one skunk, but mainly a POPULATION of SKUNKSSSSSS. You can actually see them in action and smell it, especially at night around your picnic table and tent. Apparently we are in a very deep forest (based on employee discussion I had), and I should expect to see SKUNKS. The problem here is not the fact that I should expect SKUNKS, but the fact that they are entirely aware of the issue and not even telling you about it, due to the bad publicity it would bring. Whenever I go to any campgrounds and there is racoons or bears, campground are telling us to be careful. They should do the same and advertise to be careful. Beside being mean and disrespectful, managers of this campground along to employees should be avoided, since they are basically sending people to sleep in tents right next to where SKUNKS are having their midnight snacks. Go anywhere else, but not at this particular campground.
Jay Lake Campground and RV Park in Minden, Ontario
Account photo "Falcon campground "......   Great site and services. Treated disrespectfully, sitting around the fire making small talk and were approached saying we've been told a second time to be quiet which was an absolute lie. Non of our friends were intoxicated, yet we had to wait till 5am to drive home. We had to sleep in our vehicles from 2- 5 am followed by a breathilisor. Pretty much target those between the ages of 20-30. If you're in bed by 10pm you're safe... Past 11pm they'll do anything to have your fire put out and have you in your bed sleeping. Maybe the province should have a more secluded area for ppl who stay up past 11pm and want to enjoy a fire with family.
"Falcon conservation is disrespectful."
Jay Lake Campground and RV Park in Minden, Ontario
Account photo "Great Campground now under new management"......   Spent a week here with my family. The new owners are great. Facilities are all improved, very clean. Beautiful RV sites as well as wilderness camping. Don't let the prior reviews fool you. Call or go the new website and see for yourself.
Town and Country Campark in Sussex, New Brunswick
Account photo Poor customer service. Road noise that carried on all night. Road construction started at 8:00. Mowing started at 10:00. No wifi in trailer had to go to office. No sewer hook up. Too much money for services not needed and none of the services we did need. Worst campground in a 2 month vacation.
"Did not use recreation facilities. Did not use washrooms and showers."
FairLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     Fairlie Parker (Brandon, Manitoba) on Thursday, August 8, 2013
Town and Country Campark in Sussex, New Brunswick
Account photo "Terrible Cancellation Policy"......   Called today to cancel my reservation of Sept 6th and 7th. Was told there was no refund even though I cancelled approx. 1 month in advance. Now they can rent that campsite out and get double for those 2 nights. Was going to try there another time but with customer service like that not a chance. I'm out $77.00. Oh well, live and learn.
PoorLocation:       Poor
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Poor
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Poor
NOT recommended!     Marty Rowe (Shediac, New Brunswick) on Thursday, August 8, 2013
Sid Turcotte Park in Mattawa, Ontario
Account photo "try it you will like it."......   excellent facilities,helpfull staff,lovely scenery with the mattawa river running right through it,two beaches and walking distance to town within 10 min.well kept and family oriented.try it you will love it.i have been there three times a year for the last seven years.
Leisure Time Park and Trailer Sales Inc in Palgrave, Ontario
Account photo "Stay Away "......   We booked here 4 sites months in advance, just to get here and find out we are all separated, when I booked them she said "no problem " we can put all 4 sites together, Ya No. They had nothing for kids. Then they had the nerve to keep asking for more $. Please tell whoever is thinking of camping here, STAY AWAY, best advice ever. The only good thing is the pool and it is so small it gets crowded with 15 people in it. We stayed here in July 2013
Highland Pines Campground and RV Sales in Belwood, Ontario
Account photo "Stay away"......   No customer service, this park just wants your money and doesn't care about anything else. Don't ask to speak to the owner because he is the leader of (I don't care if you come back attitude) washrooms were dirty and needed to be cleaned more often with the amount of people.
"Stay away from Highland Pines"
Highland Pines Campground and RV Sales in Belwood, Ontario
Account photo "Terrible customer service"......   The owner of Highland Pines ( Nolan Vallery) really needs some people skills. I have never met someone so high on his horse he forgets about his customers. His park is full now but if he keeps treating his customers the way he does i it won't take long before he doesn't have any. This park is okay as long as you don't have any conflicts with them or need anything because he will tell you he doesn't care if you come back right to your face. The washrooms were a terrible mess!! It was expensive to camp there 100.00+ for two nights of camping next to a highway as well and you just would expect to be treated better.
"Terrible park! Very young owner with big head and no people skills at all."
Oakhill Pines Campground in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Account photo Sites are small and close together, conflicting information from staff and extremely rude to my children and myself. Washrooms are very dirty and holes in ceiling. Pool was very small and cloudy. Difficult for small kids to ride bikes due to uphill and rough road.
Town and Country Campark in Sussex, New Brunswick
Account photo "A Great campground, but rude bullying management"......   Spent the weekend there. Had a great weekend, but two things will keep me from returning. 1st, the jumping pillow rules. Parents must go get the key from the office and sign it out. Parents are required to let all kids play on the jumping pillow, and they are responsible for their safety. When your kids are done, you need to close down the pillow and return the key. Other parents see the pillow open and send their kids with no supervision. I don't feel like being responsible for the safety of 20 random kids whose parents are back at the campsite napping. Second, after spending 3 hours Sunday morning, drying everything out and packing, I needed a shower. I went to get a shower while my wife checked out. She then proceeded to give the kids a quick snack at the kitchen shelter before we left. The manager came and told her "12:00 pm checkout means 12:00 pm checkout. You need to leave right away". Way to guarantee that I'll find another campground next time.
"Great campground, bad rules, rude management."
GoodLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     George Hannah (Saint John, New Brunswick) on Monday, July 22, 2013
Wide Open Wilderness Campground in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia
Account photo After reading some of the negative reviews on this campground I have come to the conclusion that people are just using this site to air their personal problems with the owners, Stan & Effie. This is a wonderful campground that caters to children. For the person who complained about the whining kids and loud parents; obviously you don't have children and should choose a campground that caters to adults. Every tourist attraction has some problems but some of these comments are ridiculous. They have very clean updated bathrooms, a great rec hall and events every week-end for children and adults. If you have never been there I recommend you stay for a nite or 2 and form your own opinion instead of basing any decision on comments made on this site.
Sherkston Shores Campground in Sherkston, Ontario
Account photo "Greedy "......   Good for a week but don't buy in. Fees will bleed you. You will feel trapped hard to sell. Love our trail and our time here. But the cost counter that. I know of many people who have walked away from there homes because it has gotten to expensive. Or rent to help pay. Park will rent for you but if you read the fine print. Your chance of support if they damage it is unlikely. Very difficult to get maintenance to deal with safety issues in owners area.
Killbear Provincial Park in Killbear Park, Ontario
Account photo ""......   We just returned from an fun filled 5 day camping trip, which included horseback ride, ATV ride, caving, boat cruise, canoeing and more. Killbear was very well organized and relatively clean. The staff patrolled the campground frequently. Everything was in good repair, no broken faucets, clogged up toilets, or trash around. Very spacious and private sites. Will definitely go again. The weather could have been better, but we did what we had planned to do for the most part. We had wanted to try para-sailing, but the dates and location changed and we unfortunately couldn't get it to fit into our itinerary. It rained buckets a drop the first night, but it was always dry enough to set up and pack up.For more detail please check out our blog about the trip if you like:
Cedar Haven Tent and Trailer Park in Cobden, Ontario
Account photo Beautiful campground, very welcoming people, most of the campground is seasonal campers. It doesn't matter if you are there for a weekend a week or the entire season everyone treats you like a neighbor. Very fabulous. Would, I mean will go back in a heart beat!
Very goodLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     LauraLou SymerK (Petawawa, Ontario) on Sunday, July 14, 2013
Hubbards Beach Campground and Cottages in Hubbards, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Great Campground"......   Great campground, beautiful beach, not big but fair sized lots, great playground, good food, clean washrooms.
Oakhill Pines Campground in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Account photo "One of my least favorite campgrounds in Nova Scotia"......   One of the least appealing campgrounds I've been in. Very small lot, not a very big campground, playground is poor, only good thing is that it is close to Bridgewater.
Sir Winston Churchill Campground in Lac La Biche, Alberta
Account photo "Best Campground I've been to in awhile. Well worth the drive!"......   Campground is very nice and clean. Sucxh a popular place it's Very Hard to get a campsite. Lots of walking trails available. The beaches were so nice and sandy. The water was so clean and refreshing. Can't wait to go back.
Sunnyside Campground in Westport, Ontario
Account photo "Once your in .... "......   I will say it's a nice area to camp .... lots to do for the kids. BUT there is NO flexibility in anything in this park. Don't sneeze in your trailer after 11 ... they'll be knocking at your door telling you to be quite! They come around at 11 PM exactly and send you to bed ... fire out no talking no music ... nothing! UNLESS your part of the A-H group ... they are the owner's favorites and seem to get whatever they want whenever they want and have there own rules! They sit on the beach ALL DAY and drink then get on their boats and hit the water towing kids after consuming copious amounts of alcohol! FRIGHTENING .... After being there for over 5 years we had had enough .... your nickled and dimed for EVERYTHING including advise. all in all if you want to check it out go for it ..... I hear they have lots of vacancies this year as there was an en mass departure from there last season and many pulled out this spring.
Sunnyside Campground in Westport, Ontario
Account photo "Money hungry ... will nickle and dime you for EVERYTHING including free advice !!! Park run by the Scott family. Nice when you first meet them and th"......  
Devon Lions Club Campground in Devon, Alberta
Account photo Lack of signage on HWY 60 to find the campground... had to drive through Devon, turn around found one sign then had to guess when I drove the 2.5 km to make turn off and by fluke found another sign in town and followed it to the campground
Very goodLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     Tammi H (Victoria, British Columbia) on Sunday, July 7, 2013
Great Canadian Hideaway in Parkhill, Ontario
Account photo "Dirty Washrooms, Muddy swimmin' hole"......   Went on the Canada Day long weekend. Busy as hell. Line ups for the toilets. 2 out of the 3 toilets in the ladies room were out of order. One of the toilets overflowed, for 2 days the floor was wet & slippery with water, toilet paper, pee and feces. After it rained we had branches falling from trees, with near missing on people. Don't stay after a rain, it becomes a haven for mosquitoes. The uneven ground made for large puddles and mud everywhere. Their claim of a sandy beach is bull, it's a muddy swimming hole, the fishing is great.
Milton Heights Campground in Milton, Ontario
Account photo This campground is very well maintained the only problem we ran into was the ladie that runs this place can be on the rude side alot and seems to not care about anything others have to say, It is also very obvious that this ladie favours other people who return to the park year after year, One person can get in trouble for doing things that others are allowed to do but most are not........
Lost Lemon Campground and Cabins in Blairmore, Alberta
Account photo "Not Pet Friendly But They Sure Like Your Money"......   We have been camping all over Alberta and BC for many years, and this was easily the worst campground we have ever been too. The campsites are far to small, we have a tent and a truck and were wall to wall inside our boundary lines in the second site we got.. the first one we could not have put the truck in the site it was so small. It seems as though they have cut the average size site into two in an effort to make more money. They upcharge for absolutely everything, pricing is based on 2 adults, you will pay an extra $3 per child you have with you. They have a very small pool, which you must shower before you get in, and the sign says it must be a full shampoo/soap shower, and you will pay to use that shower. The ultimate however is DO NOT THINK THAT BECAUSE IT SAYS YOU CAN BRING YOUR PET THAT IT IS PET FRIENDLY. We have a 16 year old dog, he stayed in the truck, where we have a house set up for him, 98% of the time. Our kids took him out of the truck so we could change his bedding etc. and promptly the male owner came over and said the rules say you have to walk your dog outside of the park. When I tried to explain to him we were changing his bedding and that he is a registered guest at the campground, and was not even on a bathroom outing, I was quite rudely told that if I did not like the rules I could go to a different campground, and then he ran away, pausing only briefly when I told him no problem give me my money back. My husband and I then went to the office to speak with his wife, who I booked through, who reiterated their walk your dog outside the campground rule, and that they had not seen us outside the gate at all. I pointed out that she has certainly seen our truck leave repeatedly, we take the dog places slightly more appropriate than the road outside their gate. I also pointed out that HER DOG was free roaming and had been in our campsite more than once, to which she replied it is her dog and her property, and if her dog wanted to wander into my campsite then so be it. Clearly this woman needs to learn what the legal arrangement is when you "rent" out a piece of your establishment for money, this would be like a hotel owner sleeping in the bed of your hotel room because he owns it? I expressed my disgust with her husbands attitude, and told her that I do not accept comments like his "go to another campground" remark, and that if that was the case, give me a refund and I will be on my way. Of course she was quick to point out her no refund policy. About half an hour later, she came by our site to let us know another tenter would be coming, so please make sure all our stuff was on our side of the line. I told her no problem, we were leaving anyhow. At that point she asked us please not to go, apologized for her husbands comments, etc. etc. blah blah blah. She said they just don't want dogs using their campground as a washroom, and again I pointed out that we clean up after our dog, and take him off site, but that he certainly has a right to, on a leash, step outside of the truck occasionally. Too little too late, we left after she made her pleas for us to stay, this place is just ridiculously run, over priced, and has rude owners trying to maximize profit for as little work as possible. A side note, we completely understand not wanting to pick up after someone else, or someone else's dog, that is not the problem here. The problem is with this campsite claiming on their site that they accept pets, and I did mention and thoroughly discuss ours when I booked, and then getting there and having our dog treated the way he was. If you don't like dogs, don't let people bring them, it's just that simple. If you want the revenue from pet owners, adjust your attitude.
Chippawa Creek Conservation Area in Welland, Ontario
Account photo "Avoid Chippawa Creek"......   Chippawa Creek's official site won't let users post feedback, so I'm hoping this review helps someone out along the way. Don't go to Chippawa Creek. Just don't. Find another site because this one's just not worth it. Here's a very brief summary of why you shouldn't go: - The whole conservation area is built on a marsh. Great if you're a bird, but a living hell if you happen to be a human being on account of the bugs. Also, their staff on the phone neglected to mention our site was bordering on said marsh, even when asked. She said there was water nearby, but no swamp. Swamp? What swamp? - About 70% of this park caters to trailer camping, so if you're a tent camper, expect to settle for sloppy seconds when it comes to site selection. - The vast majority of tent sites are small, have no tree coverage, and little-to-no privacy. Maybe you're ok with this. Probably you aren't. - One bathroom. 500+ sites. Sure, they throw some porta-potties around, but it's pretty gross. Don't worry, though: they're putting in a second comfort station. In 2017. - Crumby security. The second night of our visit, drunken idiots stayed up til 2am blaring music and doing donuts on an empty site with their pickup trucks. Security never showed up. The following night, our quiet group of 4 was threatened with eviction over using the wrong wood for our fire. Clearly, they have their priorities.
"Really can't under-emphasize how bad this campground is. Don't go - you'd only be encouraging them."
Shangri-La Niagara Family Campground in St Catharines, Ontario
Account photo "Great Canada Day experience 2013"......   We have an old tent trailer with 2 adults and 2 children (ages 7 & 4). The rates were very affordable, especially for the Niagara area ($31/night.) Our kids loved the play area and we were pleased that the sires were a bit larger than normally found. Our site was fairly private as we were at the end of a row of trailers. The pool was clean and there was a small splash pool for toddlers and preschoolers. There seemed to be many events and the fireworks display was much better than we expected. The multi-lingual staff were helpful and friendly. I am looking forward to going back again!!
"Family friendly with great staff. We will be back."
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