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Click to go to the campground's website Green Acres Campground and RV Park (boxerdog) in Kincardine, Ontario
Account photo "Sorry, never again."......   The owners are surly and rude. It was like being in a military camp. If there was different management/ owners, we might go back. These people act like they are doing you a favour. Very pricy accommodations. Not a walk to the beach but a drive.
"Wouldn't recommend it"
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Fair - GoodLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     sams travellors (Ontario) on Friday, June 28, 2013
Bingemans Campground in Kitchener, Ontario
Account photo This park is a absolute JOKE!! Over priced, understaffed and a disease invested breeding ground for people or animals! should be shut down by the ministry of health!!! It used to be a fabulous place but they must of changed ownership because the place is a disgrace to the camping community! I have never seen a more unclean park in my life, and I have stayed in some bad parks! The bad part is, it has the potential to be a beautiful place to camp with the facilities already in place, but I guess the almighty dollar (which they charge a premium for everything), is more important to them. Take my advice as a seasoned veteran of camping and avoid this park at all cost!!!!
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo "Very Very Bad Experience !"......   As others have stated the facilities are quite nice, but for hard working people that are taking some time to unwind and enjoy themselves after the kids are down- DON'T ! The owner here is out to lunch after the sun goes down. You might be sitting outside whispering to your husband or wife or heaven forbid friends, and all the owner does is walk around harassing you. This was one of the least enjoyable times I have spent anywhere !!! Please save yourself the trouble and find another park to stay at like 1000 islands KOA . The rest of the staff though was wonderful !
Sunset View Campground in Hawkshaw, New Brunswick
Account photo "one word Don't"......   A nice park, well situated with nice view of the St.john river, BUT if you have a dog , kids or like to sit outside and play cards in your screen tent to keep away from the bugs don't go here. Your kids will be screamed at every time they move or go on the grass, micro managed around the swimming pool or berated every time they be kids. We were treated rudely the whole time we spent there , which turned out to be one night although we had planned on several days Our friends who came the following morning with their dog were refused entry and told to go to a campsite across the river. Our elderly neighbours wanted to play cards in a sceen tent between their two trailer sites , but were told they could not role down the screens and at 10 oclock were told they had to turn out their lights and go inside.
Fair - GoodLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     Gary Dean (Fredericton, New Brunswick) on Monday, June 24, 2013
Natures Hideaway Family Campground in De Winton, Alberta
Account photo "Great Campsite!"......   Great security! if you are the riff raff they are trying to keep out yea you'll say you hate security but if your a family looking for a great camping trip you will love it! the river is great sites are a little tight but group areas are great!
"Over all a great campground!"
Graingers Tent and Trailer Park in Kinburn, Ontario
Account photo "Great Spot"......   Have both tented here and trailered as well. Friendly staff and environment. Close enough to take a bike ride to Pakenham and the Mississippi
Five Islands Ocean Resort and RV Campground in Lower Five Islands, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Dad koza "......   Mam koza Dad koza David koza
Mountain View Farm Camping in Calgary, Alberta
Account photo "Go elsewhere!!!"......   Awful place! Full of transient people and drug dealers. Owner Minnie is one of the most unpleasant people I have ever met. You would be better staying in a Walmart parking lot
Five Islands Ocean Resort and RV Campground in Lower Five Islands, Nova Scotia
Account photo "terrible place,dont stay"......   terrible place to go not pet friendly,some older man going around trying to touch the children,cheap,money hunbgry managers unreasonable ,the kids did not like the people at the canteen,pool was dirty things were broken,not a wel kept campground,spaces very small,no place to party
Poor - FairLocation:       Fair
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Fair
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Fair
NOT recommended!     darlene rodgers (dartmouth, Nova Scotia) on Friday, June 7, 2013
Indian Line Campground in Brampton, Ontario
Account photo "So rude."......   Woman at front desk was rude rude rude. Campground was small, cramped, and dirty. Most importantly, staff was rude, loud, obnoxious, and quite frankly disgusting. Just keep driving, not worth it.
PoorLocation:       Poor
Services:        Fair
Site sizes:       Poor
Recreation:    Fair
Washrooms:  Poor
NOT recommended!     Victoria gregan (Sussex, New Brunswick) on Saturday, June 1, 2013
Alpine RV Resort in Lindsay, Ontario
Account photo "Great place!"......   Love this place. Went to many places before but Alpine rises above the rest. Family owned and oriented and it shows. Seasonals and staffs make you feel welcome. Washrooms facilities were super clean. Lots of fun at a dance that they had on the Saturday night. Would definitely come again! 5 stars in my books!
Woodland Park in Sauble Beach, Ontario
Account photo "SEPTIC ISSUES - VERY DISGUSTING - OWNER IS ARROGANT, RUDE AND ARGUMENTATIVE"......   Park overcrowds so they can make more money and then spends that money on a licence plate reader instead of spending it on fixing and improving their septic system. The park septic backed up onto our concrete pad (which is an ongoing problem at this campground -especially sites 94 & 95). No consideration for our health and safety while they fixed the problem, zero communication about how they were going about fixing the problem and when we questioned their clean-up we received arrogant, belligerent, argumentative, rude behaviour from the staff and owner.
Lancaster Park Outdoor Resort in Lancaster, Ontario
Account photo "NEVER EVER AGAIN"......   May 18-19-20 / 2013 We had read some good reviews about this place, so we decided to give it a try. Boy were we wrong. Got there the staff was nice, but once we got to out site things went down hill. We were put right in the front, were basically put were the rejects go. SWAP area. The land was so soft that out 32ft trailer ( that was only there 5min.) started to sink. In front of out lot, was huge pills of dead leaves and dirt. MOSQUITOS from hell, they were huge and sooooo many. We were there 5 min. and I walked out with 20+ bites. Went to complain about the site, they “tried” to help by giving us any site we wanted just as long as we stay on the same area. Complained again and they again “tried” to help by giving me site were the seasonal campers stayed, the only site that was free because it was next to the Dumping station. Ummm wonder why it’s the only one that is free ?????? THE SMELL. You get treated like 2nd class citizen in this campground, unless you are a seasonal camper. Sorry but never ever ever again.
"weekend campers be ware"
Stillwater Park in Nipigon, Ontario
Account photo No tv reception???? What r you camping for????Stay at home if you want to watch tv
Lake Ontario Park Campground in Kingston, Ontario
Account photo "PARK IS CLOSED"......   This park has been closed for several years now. (Camping Canada editor's note: the park is currently being renovated)
Bingemans Campground in Kitchener, Ontario
Account photo "Be sure to check for fire bans NEVER WILL RETURN"......   I booked my reservation months prior to arrival. Called to confirm the week before, mentioned cooking over a fire pit. When we got there, there was a fire ban that had been in p,ace for over a week, no one mentioned when we called. Ready to cook all our meals over the pit we than had the option of dining out every meal, or purchasing a BBQ and tank. Upon check in they measured our son, who was 7 at the time saying he was of height for all rides but the huge ones. Than when we entered the park they said he wasn't even big enough for the medium thrills. We were not impressed and will never return.
Bingemans Campground in Kitchener, Ontario
Account photo We have made an annual trip to camp at Bingemans for the past 4 years with our tent trailer. Our kids have grown up looking forward to this trip every summer. They enjoy the Bingemans waterpark and we enjoy just relaxing and not really having to go anywhere if we don’t want to. There are enough things to keep all of us entertained. The campground is nice. We’ve never had any problems there.
Neys Provincial Park in Terrace Bay, Ontario
Account photo "Best beach around!"......   Have been coming to Neys for over 20 years. Love the long sand beach, the crashing waves and the glorious sunsets. The park has 3 hiking trails and a playground for the little ones. Easy to access as it is located on the Transcanada highway; hours from the nearest city of Thunder Bay, but close to towns of Marathon and Terrace Bay. Huge sites, most with a balance of sun and shade. Downside - park is only minimally staffed except for peak season of July and August. There is no store in the park, but one is located just outside park boundaries.
"Definitely worth the trip to this extraordinarily beautiful park."
Weirs Beach RV Resort in Victoria, British Columbia
Account photo Weir's Beach is one of my favourite campsites on the southern island. We go there every May 24th weekend to start off our camping season. I love it mostly because of its beautiful beach.
Very goodLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     Janet Brunelle (Victoria, British Columbia) on Thursday, March 28, 2013
Grenville Park Camping and RV Park in Prescott, Ontario
Account photo "Great Campsite."......   My family has been camping here for the 3 years. We have taken at least 2 weeks of holidays to spend here as well as numerous weekends a year. Never had any huge problems, Marianne and Larry have never given us any problems. The no mat rule is a bit annoying, especially when you have those special mats that don't kill the grass, especially when tents can be set up in the site beside you. But that is little thing, if the mat thing bothers you that much, then don't camp at all except in your back yard where you make the rules. We hope to become seasonal campers there this year because we enjoy the campground. The campground is well kept and clean. Lots of activities if you want to attend.
Bingemans Campground in Kitchener, Ontario
Account photo "No shortage of things to do."......   We had an enjoyable stay at Bingemans campground in our travel trailer last year. They have a lot of things to do especially for kids. An indoor playground with a climbing structure, games, mini-putt, ropes course, climbing wall etc. They also have a waterpark with waterslides. Our campsite was big enough for us and the bathrooms were clean. I’d stay here again.
Seal Island/North Sydney KOA in New Harris, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Love this campground"......   We make this our May 24 weekend every year. Great views and all sites have 3 way hook ups. Nice dog parks and a rec hall with pool table, pinball and air hockey. The buildings are not brand new but everything is kept in good shape. Owners are super nice and helpful!
Hyclass Ocean Campground in Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Nice Camp Ground"......   Nice camp ground. Two sections with a open field over looking the ocean which seems to be more social and a section in the woods which is more private. Good swimming and they have boats and other activities for a fun filled day.
Joyful Journeys RV Campark Resort in Englishtown, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Nicest View at a Camp Ground"......   We make it a point to go here once a year and take the sites right on the beach. They are only two way hook up but the view is the best you will find. Mostly seasonal campers who are very friendly. Quite hour at 11pm which you can still keep the fire going just the noise level down. Saturday night the locals sell 50/50 tickets and draw it that night while they put on free hotdogs and fresh cut fries for everyone.
Arm of Gold Campground and Trailer Park in Bras D'or, Nova Scotia
Account photo "Not Bad"......   Stayed a couple nights here in 2012. Did not find it a bad campground. Was quite and had a pool, clean with the only complaint the sites closer to the water were a little tight and infrastructure a little dated but maintained.
Winding River Campground in Sauble Beach, Ontario
Account photo didnt like the service no privacy fishing sucked and they made me turn my little stereo off at like 10pm
Cardinal KOA in Cardinal, Ontario
Account photo "Response to BRIAN...."......   Brian, please let me start by saying that at 41 years old each, my wife and I are not up all night hooting and hollering. Our three children go to bed between 9-10, and then the two of us enjoy staying up and sitting by the fire. We have the ocassional glass of whine, or beer, but no more. We enjoy our quiet time when the kids are in bed. We talk, tell stories, and on the occasion, and I know this is hard to beleive for the owners of Cardinal KOA, laugh. Sometimes out loud. This is where my concrns is. I guess Daniel, just doesn't like people enjoying themselves. Again, my wife and I are not loud. We do laugh and have fun, but nothing to deserve threats of having our fire put out, and constant harrassment by the owner. Perhaps he was just having a bad day? With that said, why take it out on his paying customers. Anyway, as I've said it before, great campground for the kids, and between the hours of 8am to 9pm. It's all down hill once the sun sets, and the moon turns the owner into the Mr. Hyde just looking for confrontation. Sad too, because it has even more potential. To all, try the campground. It's clean, lots of activities, and the ice cream is great. If only Daniel had better interpersonal skills, and wasn't so angry at night??? FYI...The other staff are great. It's toobad one person, in this case, the owner, can really ruin a fun camping experience. WARNING: It's not only one person putting negative reviews on here.
Oak Bay Campground in Oak Bay, New Brunswick
Account photo "fantastic"......   We stayed at oak point in 2012 i did not find any of the 2011 review to be correct.The campgound is beautiful the staff are great it is very clean 100% of the time. The beach on the right is all sand and the view is beautiful.The other campers are friendly and very helpful. the only thing i think they should consider is a longer season,oak point is too short if not the shortest.thanksgiving is the norm now.Our summers are longer than they used to be and its time to join the other campgrounds in N.B
"very enjoyable for adults and children"
Rockwood Park in St John, New Brunswick
Account photo "Excellent"......   Again we went camping at Rockwood Park In Saint John NB for the 2012 camping season! This the campground we will continue on going to. The staff knows us by name and the hospitality is excellent! They help you in any way possible the only down fall is that they are not opened May long weekend :(That will not stop us from the 2013 camping season! I highly recommend this campground even for one night.. They have Free WiFi as well! Can't wait to see the staff at Rockwood Park again this year I am home sick Can't wait to go back!
"Try this Campground you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED"
Grenville Park Camping and RV Park in Prescott, Ontario
Account photo This is a great campground, not too far from Ottawa/Gatineau. It is well taken care of. Marianne and Larry are very nice hosts, they go out of their way to help if help is needed. Lots of activities for kids/families. The campground is in top shape. You can't do anything about the bugs, they are simply there, it's camping! We've enjoying this campground for over 15 years and we intend to go back this summer. We meet lots of friends that keep coming back each year.
Very goodLocation:       Fair rating
Services:        Fair rating
Site sizes:       Fair rating
Recreation:    Fair rating
Washrooms:  Fair rating
Recommended!     Carmen and Paul (Gatineau, Québec) on Wednesday, February 13, 2013
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