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camping is a website fully dedicated to Canadian campgrounds and the camping industry. This website was built and is maintained by a group of dedicated avid campers (ie. we are not a government agency). The idea for this website was born years ago around a campfire.... "to build a fully dynamic and easy-to-use website that provides campground owners with all the tools they need to create and update their own campground listing directly from their home computers".

With "Camping-Canada.Com", campers now have access to up-to-date information about Canadian campgrounds with the click of a mouse. No more scanning through pages and pages of magazines and brochures to locate a campground, they can now use our search engine to locate a campground by specifying a location (province, region, city), a campgound type (private, municipal, provincial, national) as well as camping preferences (pets allowed, fishing, beach swimming etc....). Once they have located a campground, they can even make a reservation using an online reservation form. Below are some of the features of "Camping-Canada.Com"....

  • Search engines for campgrounds, RV manufacturers, RV dealers, RV rentals and our Camping Classifieds
  • Campground ratings and reviews.... by you, the campers!
  • Directions to campgrounds with Mapquest™ maps!
  • Free Classified ads (to sell RV's, camping gear or other camping related stuff)
  • Camping Forums (organized by categories)
  • Links to various provincial websites offering camping and summer events information
  • Links to various websites (RV manufacturers, camping equipment suppliers etc....)
  • Camping tips and checklists
  • Camping recipes
  • A kids section ("Kids Zone")
  • .... and more!

    Also, for each registered campground....

  • Detailed campground information (owners, services, rates, recreation facilities, sites availability, local attractions, special events and more). All campgrounds information is dynamically created and updated by the campground owners.
  • Camping discount vouchers
  • Rental trailers and/or cabins information
  • Campground owner's Bulletin Board (for special events, discounts etc....)
  • "KampKits" (printout of a campground listing)
  • Online campground reservation form
  • Campground photo album including a "site map"
  • .... and more!


Cookies are pieces of data stored on a user's computer that contain information about the user's ongoing internet session. As an example, cookies are used in our website to track the web  pages visited by a user during a session.  Once a session is terminated (ie. once the browser is closed), the cookies are terminated. Since many features of our website make use of cookies (for example our campground search engine), it is strongly recommended that you do not alter your browser's default of accepting cookies. 
Mailing Lists

"" maintains a mailing list of registered campground owners. This information is obtained via the campground registration process and is used to contact the campground owners via email. "" does not provide or sell it's mailing lists, campgrounds information or any other personal information to third parties. 

Camping Forums

"" will not tolerate any offensive or defamatory messages on both the campers and the campground owners Camping Forums. The sole purpose of these forums is to allow campers and campground owners to share camping information with other campers. Note that we monitor these forums regularly and will remove any innappropriate material.

Campground Information Disclaimer

We always make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided in this website is accurate and current.  However, since all the specific campground information in this website is provided, entered and maintained directly by the campground owners, "Camping-Canada.Com" will not accept any responsibility for any errors or misrepresentations contained herein and does not guarantee campground rates or accommodation.

If you have any questions or if would like any additional information about us or about our website, please email us at the following address: Click here to email

Finally, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you'll find it useful. We intend to keep adding new tools and features so we welcome any comments / suggestions (.... please use our  feedback form ). Have a great camping season !
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