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RV essentials   Whether you just bought a new RV or you've been RVing for a while, here's a checklist we put together of what should be in your RV before you go!  This list provides just about everything you would need for RV camping anywhere but depending on the RV you have and/or the type of camping you do, you may not need all of these items!
Awning tie-downs

"Potable" water hose
Axe or hatchet
Basic tool kit (hammer, pliers etc)
Batteries (AA, AAA etc)
Battery jumper cables
Battery pack (for cell phones, laptop…)
Battery shut-off switch (unless plugged in most of the time)
BBQ grill & grilling utensils
Bed spreads
Board games
Brake controller  
Broom & dust pan  
Bungee cords
Campfire forks  
Citronella candles  
Clothes hangers  
Clothes line


RV chemicals

Disposable gloves (handy for dumping tanks)
Drill attachment to raise and lower the stabilizer jacks
Electric tongue jack (nice to have)
Electrical extension cords
Emergency roadside kit (flares, etc.)
Entry rug
Extra cotter pins
Extra motor oil & transmission fluid (if applicable)
Fire extinguisher (tested)
Fire "poker"  
First aid kit  
Fly swatter(s)  
Folding chairs  
Folding shovel  
Furrion Observation System (camera that's "on" while backing/while on the highway, nice to have)
Fuse puller Sewer hose
Fuses & bulbs (extras)
Garbage bags and ties
Ice maker (nice to have)  
Laundry bag  
Level (the longer the better)  
Leveling blocks  
Light bulbs spares  
Matches or lighter (waterproof if possible)  
Multi-tool or pocket knife




Leveling blocks

Picnic table cover
Plastic bags (small and large... they're always handy)
Plastic wrap
Playing cards
Portable air compressor (may come in handy)
Propane bottles/tanks
Reverse black tank flush valve (nice to have)  
Rope - at least 100 feet (nylon being the most resistant to weather)  
Rubber gloves  
RV electrical adapter (30A-50A and/or 50A-30A)  
Sewer hose (with clear elbow and 15 ft extension)



RV adapter (30A-50A)

Sewer hose support (helps with cleanout)
Slide out lube
Stabilizer jacks blocks/boards
Surge protector & EMS (30 Amps or 50 Amps)
Sway bars (aka anti-sway bars)
Tape (electrical and duct tape work best)
Tarp (useful if roof issues)
Tie downs (lots)
Tire pressure gauge
Tire pressure monitoring system/TPMS (nice to have)
Toilet chemicals  
Toilet paper (RV-friendly)  
Tongue jack blocks/boards  
Tow mirrors  
Water filter (in-line)  
Water heater plug (spare)  
Water hose - 90 degree angle (for water hose connection to trailer)


Tool kit

Water hose - black/grey water cleaning hose (50ft)
Water hose - fresh water hose (50ft, “potable” type)
Water hose "Y" (to connect multiple hoses)
Water "pistol grip" nozzle
Water pressure regulator (best with guage)
Water purification tablets (just in case....)
Water tanks treatment (Happy Campers etc)
Wheel bearing grease  
Wheel chocks  
Wheel stop stabilizer (X-Chock type, adds stability to double axles)  
  Kitchen stuff
Aluminum foil
Blender / food processor  
Bottle, can, and wine openers  
Bowls (mixing/serving)  
Cleaning supplies  
Clips for bags  
Coffee & coffee cups  
Coffee/tea pot  
Cooking utensils (spatula, large spoons, tongs, whisk etc) Cleaning supplies
Dish pan & accessories
Dishwashing detergent
Drink ware (cups, mugs, wine glasses)
Eating utensils
Food storage (tupperware, baggies, aluminum foil  etc.)
Ice cube trays  
Measuring cups  
Napkins and paper towels  
Plastic egg container  
Pots and pans  
Scissors Pots and pans
Sponges, rags, towels
Tea kettle
Water carrier (2-5 gallon)
Ziplock bags (various sizes)
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