Camping Canada Campgrounds - Winter Camping Checklist

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Winter camping checklist  This checklist supplements our winter camping tips section where weprovide hints on how to choose a tent, a sleeping bag, a campsite and more. To view our winter camping tips, click here.

For shelter
Tent and spare tent poles Winter camping

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Snow stakes
Small broom
Synthetic/down sleeping bag (rated 0 to -15) with overbag
Ensolite foam pad - 1/2" (or thermarest pad)
Heavy space blankets
Large (external frame) backpack (4500+ cubic inches)
Ice axe
Ice hammer
Snow shovels (foldable)
Flashlight / headlamp
Extra batteries and bulbs for flashlight / headlamp
Pliers or visegrips
Screwdrivers (combo set)
Duct tape
1/4" waterproof rope - 100 ft.
Glue / epoxy
Altimeter / barometer

For cooking
Small & large nesting pots with lids
Pot grippers
Fuel bottles with fuel
Oil lantern & oil
Plastic cooking spoons & other utensils
Thermos (metal)
Plastic Cup
Waterproof matches
Two 1 quart qater bottles (plastic, wide mouth type)
Garbage bags
Throw bags with 1/4" polypropylene rope
Sewing awl and heavy thread
Regular needles and thread

Wool / pile balaclava
Face mask
Ski / glacier goggles
Long undershirts (polypropylene)
Vapor barrier shirt
Wool / polypropylene / pile shirt
Wool / pile sweater (or jacket)
Gore-tex wind jacket with hood (nylon)
Winter parka with hood (synthetic fill, nylon or Gore-tex shell)
Wool gloves
Glove liners (synthetic, polypropylene)
Wool / synthetic / pile mittens
Long underwear (polypropylene)
Rain jacket - nylon, Goretex
Rain Pants - nylon, Goretex
Wool / pile pants or kickers
Wind / rain pants (nylon)
Overpants - insulated (ex. synthetic fill ski pants)
Liner socks (olypropylene)
Vapor barrier socks
Wool / pile socks (heavy)
Mountain boots + overboot
Ski boots + overboot (if skiing)
Stuff Sacks of all sizes
Pack Raincover
Snowshoes with binding & snowshoe crampons
Skis, boots and poles (if skiing)

First aid & misc.
Toilet articles
Glasses, gunglasses, glasses strap, antifog product
Prescription medications (if needed)
Cough drops, throat lozenges
Heat packs
Hypothermia thermometer
Alarm clock
Guide book(s) & Maps
Camera, film, books, games, paper & pen
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