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RV selection guide logo Congratulations! You've decided to join the ranks of thousands of happy RV owners. Buying an RV can sometimes be a humbling experience given the varieties of RV's and all the features and options available. So, in order to help you decide which RV is best for you, we have put together the following information. If you wish to look at a specific manufacturer, you can use our RV manufacturers page. In order to help you determine which options you might want in your new RV, check out our RV Shopping Checklist. And if you're decided to buy a used RV, check out our Buying a used RV checklist.  

Since there is such a variety of RV's on the market and since each class of RV is tailored for specific needs, the first step in selecting an RV is to find the answers to the following questions.

What's the intended use of your RV?

This is the most crucial question of all in selecting an RV. You have to determine whether you're planning to "park" your RV at a campground or whether you're planning to travel with it RV photoon a regular basis. In other words, are you planning to tow your RV. If so, and assuming that you have the proper towing vehicle, you must now look at how "big" you're willing to tow since people tow anything from a Pop-Up trailer to a 5th wheel. If on the other hand you're planning to "park" your RV, other things become more important such as how much interior space you need. Obviously, there are multitudes of possible use for your RV and each may impact your decision. Here's a few potential RV use;

• Extended trips • Short (week-end) trips • Winter getaway (snowbirds)
• Fishing / hunting trips • Summer home • Year long occupancy (ex. retirement)
• Local campgrounds • Wilderness camping

How many people are you planning to accommodate?

On average, how many people will be sleeping in your RV. This will help determine not only the interior space needed but also the number and type of beds you need (bunk beds, convertible sofa....)

How much home conveniences do you want? Microwave, shower, washing machine etc....

For some people, camping has to be rugged! For others, camping has to be comfortable.... almost like home! That's why RV's come with a multitude of options such as corian countertops, ice makers, electric fireplaces, flat screen TVs, recliners etc....... And, of course, the more options you want, the bigger the RV.

When do you plan to use your RV?

Camping in early spring or late fall is quite a different experience than camping in hot summer days! If you're planning to camp a lot during chilly weather, maybe you should look for a well insulated 4-season RV.

Are you OK to use the campground's showers and washrooms and showers?

Campground bathroom facilities are not always the best. If you don't like the idea of sharing these facilities with hundreds of people, make sure you pick an RV that includes these options.

How much of a "handy" person are you?

Although setting up and maintaining an RV is not that difficult, it does require that you become familiar with the RV major components (electrical system, levelling system, water system, heating system, A/C system, LPG system) and that you learn how to level the trailer, start the furnace, empty the holding tanks, open the awning etc.... Sometimes, these also need a little bit of troubleshooting and minor repairs. Major repairs are best left to RV repair centers.

How much storage space will be needed?

If you're camping with four kids and you own a motorboat, look for an RV with plenty of storage for food, clothing, sporting equipment, life jackets etc... And, if you want to bring your motorcycle or 4-wheeler, there are RVs that have special storage at the back thus .

How often are you planning to use the RV?

If you're only planning to use the RV a couple of time a year or if you're new to RVing and you're not 100% sure that you'll like it, then you might look into the option of buying a used RV. Drop by an RV store, check out your newspaper or those specialized "Traders" magazines and maybe you'll find the perfect RV for you at a much lower price. Take a look at our Buying a used RV checklist, it will explain to you what to look for when buying a used RV.


If you need more information, you can check the GoRVing Canada website or the RV.Net website.

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