Here we are again at the end of another camping season. Most of us will remember the summer of 2014 as a fairly wet summer with average to below average weather. But now the geese are flying south and the leaves are slowly changing colors. Old man winter is on his way again and according to meteorologists, Western Canada can expect an early and cold winter this year.

Unless you're lucky enough to be camping year-round, it's now time to winterize the RV. To help you with this process, we have put together a RV winterizing checklist. But if you're one of the lucky ones, check out our Winter RVing tips, our Winter camping tips as well as our Winter camping checklist. And for those of you interested in going to RV shows, click here to see a list of upcoming Canadian RV shows.

If you're in the market for an RV, click here to read about the various types (classes) of RVs available on the market. You can buy a "towable" RV or you can buy a "motorized" RV. You can have slideouts, AC, bunk beds.... or hundreds of other options. You can buy a 12 footer or you can buy a 45 footer. It all depends on your needs and to help you with your buying process, we have put together an "RV selection guide" as well as two checklists; our "RV shopping checklist" and our "Buying a used RV checklist". Print these and bring them with you on your next shopping tip!

And don't forget our free "Camping Classifieds" section if you have an RV or camping gear to sell.

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Great news! We just added a new feature that allows you to view your campground search results on a Google Map™! Until now, our Campground search results on Google maps  campground search results were displayed as a listing of campgrounds. But now, you can also view your search results on a map which means that you can now see the actual location of a campground with respect to roads, water etc... Furthermore, with the Google Map™ "satellite" view, you can actually see the campgroundSatellite view that you can "zoom" in and out off! Give it a try!

Other new features:

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Search for campgrounds by name
Search for campgrounds in or near a specific city
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Driving directions to a campground
Weather forecast at campground location
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  According to a recent survey, 78% of consumers say they trust and believe other people's recommendations for products and services - more than any other medium, including newspapers, conventional and online advertising! So to help you choose your camping destinations, we have developed an easy to use and quick "5-point" rating system for our 2000+ campground listings. You can rateClick to view campground reviews a campground's location, campsites, services, recreation facilities and washrooms and if you`re in the mood for it, you can even write a full review of the campground. We currently have hundreds of ratings and reviews from campers like you so why not take some time and rate the campgrounds that you've visited recently and..... remember to come back to rate the ones you'll be visiting this summer! Whether you're a "weekend camper" or a "seasoned camper", your opinion counts and will be truly appreciated by fellow campers! "Click here" to read existing reviews or to rate/review a campground.
And the survey says........ Did you know that close to 85% of campers feel that campground owners charge too much for firewood and thatCampground services survey close to 65% of campers think that campground owners should not use coin-operated showers? These are some of the findings in our "Campground services survey" with close to 15,000 campers surveyed so far. To find out more, click here to complete our survey and see all the survey results.   Camping in style!! Have you ever heard of "Glamping"? No.... well, you're not alone! "Glamping", which stands for "glamorous camping", started in Europe a decade ago. No more kerosene lamp, no more heating a can of beans on a campfire! Hello solar lamps, bed, kitchen-range, comfy chairs.... all under a tent! EuroDeluxe campingpeans refer to these places as "open air hotels". Now, it's starting to catch on in Canada! Some setup are simply large canvas tents with some furniture such as a chair and a bed while others offer more luxury such as the facilities at Siwash Lake Resort in British Columbia! Prices range from under $100 for a single night with a cot, to around $1,000 for four nights with a queen bed! At the moment, glamping is more popular in BC but it's slowly catching on in the rest of canada. Click here to view a map of Glamping spots in Canada. And, to read more about Glamping click here.
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Click here to go to our Facebook pageAre you interested in joining our Canadian camping network on Facebook? We have recently created our own group ("Camping Canada Campgrounds") on Facebook and by joining, you can start interacting with fellow campers all over Canada. You'll be able to start or join discussion groups, post messages, post events as well as post photos and videos. Simply click here to join!  
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If you are a campground owner and you would like to get your campground listed in "Camping-Canada.Com", we now offer two options; a "Basic listing" and an "Enhanced listing". "Click here" to get more information.
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