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Gros Morne

Gros Morne National Park

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Provincial demographics

Population: 521,542 (2019)
Area:  405,720 km²  or   111,390 km²   for the Island of Newfoundland)
294,330 km²   for Labrador)
Area code: 709
Capital city: St. John's (capital of Newfoundland and Labrador) 
Time zone: Newfoundland is located in a unique time zone which is half an hour later than Atlantic Time, one and a half hours later than Central Canada and four and a half hours later than the west coast of the country. It is the only place in Canada with a split in the set variations of one hour between time zones.
Daylight Saving Time is observed from April to October after which the province returns to Newfoundland Standard Time. Labrador however, operates on Atlantic Standard Time, except for the area on the coast from L'anse au Clair to Cartwright which is on Newfoundland Standard Time.
Climate/ temperatures:

The Island of Newfoundland has a temperate marine climate. The average summer temperatures range from 20°C (69°F) during the day to around 12°C (54°F) at night. Good swimming weather begins at the end of June. Labrador summers are shorter and generally cooler and extreme high temperatures are not uncommon in Labrador.

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Tourism information

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Links to provincial websites

Tourism Information:

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Places to see

•   Cape St Mary's Ecological Reserve •   L'Anse aux Meadows Historic Site  
•   Cape Spear National Historic Site •   Signal Hill National Historic Site  
•   Gros Morne National Park •   Terra Nova National Park  

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